The Bride that will be buying from our Vera Wang Bride collection will undoubtedly be fearless and confident with her decisions

 It’s been a crazy few months at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal, and honestly, we have been BURSTING with excitement about breaking this news…

THE Vera Wang and her latest bridesmaid dresses collection ‘Vera Wang Bride’ will be joining our exclusive collection this October. We can barely believe it. And trust us it’s been SO hard to keep it from you all!

But now the secret is out, we wanted to give a little insight into Vera Wang Bride and what it’s been like to have such a global fashion icon joining us in our luxurious bridal haven situated in Hampshire, UK. We caught up with Hannah herself to get all the details of the outstanding collection, coming soon this Fall.

We caught up with Hannah herself to find out more about the Vera Wang Bride collection and what it’s been like to bring such a global fashion icon to Hannah’s bridal boutique in Botley, Hampshire.


We felt absolutely honoured when we were approached by the Vera Wang Bride UK agent Daisy! She contacted us to introduce the iconic Vera Wang’s exclusive new bridal concept which is due to launch worldwide this coming September.

Vera Wang wanted to work closely with boutiques she felt were aligned with her brand and the ideal of the Vera Wang Bride “The fearless, unorthodox modern bride” – so it was a massive compliment to be asked whether we would like to work with the new Vera Wang Bride range. Kelly and I knew instantly this would be an unmissable opportunity and collection for our Brides!

Whilst studying for my fashion and textile degree Vera Wang was and still is an aspirational and iconic designer for so many reasons – I was referencing her work throughout my time as a developing student many moons ago! From her Hollywood red carpet designs to her chic bridal collections, her design aesthetics have always emulated such a strong signature feel. Her designs have always been about empowering women and respecting the female form = values which we really resonate with at Hannah Elizabeth Bridal. Having a designer and brand which is so well respected and sought after within the fashion and bridal industry is simply a dream!

Seeing the collection for the first time was incredible and I knew instantly that Vera Wang Bride would sit perfectly within our collection at Hannah Elizabeth.

The Bride that will be buying from our Vera Wang Bride collection will undoubtedly be fearless and confident with her decisions. She will be a fashion lover who knows her own mind and has real clarity of her own sense of style and vision for her wedding day! No compromising!

She will be looking for a dress that embodies her unique sense of style and pure love for fashion. The quality of the garment and the fabric will be a considered and important factor too!

This is a VERY hard call! Selecting our collection was a dreamy but difficult process, simply because the whole collection was unreal, which made it so hard as we really had to whittle it down.

We have selected 10 key designs which we feel make the perfect collection for our Vera Wang Bride to be! The collection has a lux couture feel with key signature VW design aesthetics. Pure Luxury Bridal fashion at a friendly price point!

It’s so hard to pick favourites from the collection we selected as we love them all for their own reasons, but our two key favourites are:

The imagery of the collection is released on the 15th of September so set the date in your diary for the big reveal! As much as we are dying to show you this stunning collection, we are keeping everything firmly under wraps!

Make sure to subscribe to our emails by 15th September to be the first to see the exclusive Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses near me collection – be ready to be blown away!


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