So you are recently engaged and in a position to shop for the gown you've always dreamed of

So you are recently engaged and in a position to shop for the prom dresses you've always dreamed of. You’ve called multiple salons and boutiques in the area and are ready to see what kinds of styles can be found. This can be extremely exciting in time for the wedding preparation process. Many of our brides describe the astounding experience they had while looking for their perfect gown.

However, I have seen many brides’ visions quickly disregarded with the large entourage they bring. We realize that family and friends are incredibly essential in life, particularly in your wedding ceremony planning experiences. However, we encourage quite a few brides to keep it small, and intimate allowing an individual the best experience possible.

Here are 3 good reasons less is a lot more:

1) Intimacy is Special

Having just a little entourage of 2 to three people ensures a great experience that's encompassed by those people who are truly special to you personally. We encourage most of our brides to remain with their mothers, best allies, plus family members that are special to them personally. While searching for that gown, you need to bring guests that will encourage you and also share your eyesight. I have seen so many women's sparkle slowly die down since the gown they feel crazy about is disliked by the group they bring. Everyone has a picture for what they picture you in, but you need to be YOURSELF. Stick to YOU. After all, you are the one that helps to make the gown beautiful. Small, intimate settings are perfect for building memories that will last a lifetime. Yes, many people are going to wish to be a part of the marriage gown experience, but fittings are perfect for bringing other bridesmaids! At All Brides Beautiful, we'll often have 2 to three fittings for that bride to be sure of the perfect fit. This is a great opportunity to bring your bridesmaids or friends that seriously considered there for your bridal gown shopping. They can enable you to pick accessories and become part of the connection by having your gown perfectly shaped for you personally! This is when the gown truly becomes YOURS!

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2) Save the ‘Wow’ Factor

There is a thing so unbelievably special about walking around the aisle for your first time along with your gown like a surprise to everyone there, along with your groom. We encourage our brides to keep photos in the gown private just before their special day. Your wedding day can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be remembered for the rest of your daily life. Your guests may also get a special memory if you walk around the aisle. Not only showcasing hair, makeup, and accessories for your first time but, your gown. Everyone has been dying to look for the gown you're looking at for your special day, and sharing that moment can produce a beautiful atmosphere!

3) Smaller Space

At All Brides Beautiful, we're an inferior boutique. Our Victorian-style home turned into a salon is just that-an older house. With that, we've smaller rooms for each of our brides to acquire their own private experience. Many of our brides discuss experiencing the intimate setting of the inferior boutique because it gave an even more ‘home-like’ atmosphere that they deemed completely comfortable. We have a sensible choice of gowns but in addition a reasonable selection. Our hope is that you simply feel completely in your own home within our salon. Because we're an inferior boutique, we ask that you just bring 2 to 3 guests with you allowing an individual plenty of room within your fitting room. We have accommodated larger parties, but it is often cramped and hard to suit everyone, especially when the bride is looking at ballgowns with fuller skirts. We want to produce the most wonderful experience possible that's about you, and comfort is a valuable part of that!

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As you begin to plan the marriage wedding dresses with sleeves shopping experience, think about the ‘Less is More’ mindset. Bring those that will lift you up, encourage you, and share your eyesight for the marriage day. The intimate and small settings help create memories that will truly keep going for a lifetime!


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