Choose a dress from us in April or May and win a unique surprise.

Spring is well and truly here, and we expect a number of our newly-engaged brides have a storm of emotions comparable to the season. Amid the whirlwind of excitement and anxiety, among the earliest and biggest decisions brides need to make is, obviously, the gown. For some brides, shopping for the prom dresses is an experience they’ve been surfing forward to for a long time. For others, it’s a nerve-wracking event that fills all of them with equal parts joy and trepidation.

We want all of our brides to seem like finding their dress is really a highlight of the wedding planning journey. So, to include a spot of sunshine in the experience, we’ve planned something for our spring brides.

Umbrellas and bouquets—oh my!

For the months of April and May, we’re running a unique promotion to celebrate the modification of seasons making everyone’s appointments much more fun. Each month, brides that like their dream dress and put an order around will have an opportunity to earn a prize.

In April, we'll offer brides an array of cocktail umbrellas. Brides can make their selection and pop the umbrella available to reveal their special discount, with savings that range from $50 to $150 off. In May, we'll be offering brides a flower from the bouquet that will offer similar savings.

Umbrellas and bouquets and Spring Weddings

Make probably the most of your bridal appointment.

As exciting as wedding gown shopping could be, it could be equally exhausting. No bride really wants to go to a dozen stores and try on a hundred gowns before she finds the main one. This kind of experience just adds to the stress of shopping and may make the bride second-guess every decision she makes. That’s why an enormous part of a great bridal experience begins prior to the bride even arriving. Here are three guidelines to help you feel confident and eager before you even turn up to the door.

Beautiful Spring Wedding Dresses and Flowers

1. Be familiar with bridal timelines.

Pre-COVID, brides could order their dress nine months ahead of time and be assured it might arrive promptly. With supply chain delays along with other pandemic disruptions, this really is no longer enough time. We currently recommend our brides order their dress a minimum of twelve months ahead of time to be sure it arrives promptly for necessary alterations.

Spring Weddings and Wedding Dresses

2. Take a look at our gown selection in advance.

Our TWD letters know our entire collection from front to back and may guide you toward the gown of your dreams. But it also helps you to come to your appointment by having an idea of what you will like—especially the silhouette and elegance. Fortunately, we have all of our dresses up within our Look Book to help you see what we should have available and pick some favorites before you decide to arrive. Check out a few of the latest spring trends if you’re planning for a wedding in Spring 2023.

Wedding Gowns for Spring Weddings

3. Come relaxed and able to enjoy yourself.

We realize that just suggesting to relax isn’t enough by itself. This is really a big decision, and it’s nearly impossible you’ll have the ability to approach it without your feelings running high. That’s why we promise all of our brides a pressure-free appointment. When you’re around, your attention ought to be entirely centered on your own experience—not on whether we would like you to purchase a dress.

Start your sexy wedding dresses search around.

Between the sun's rays and snowflakes, springtime in Michigan could be a rollercoaster—but wedding gown shopping doesn’t need to be. Schedule a visit at our bridal boutique in Brighton, MI, and find out just how simple and easy, breezy finding your perfect gown could be. We look toward seeing you.


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