Below are some of the current color palettes we're seeing for your new year

Starting around Thanksgiving the proposal season begins, and now we start to consider what trends we're seeing in wedding dresses coming down the pipeline. We get lots of requests from brides-to-be and they're usually very specific. Color-wise, even though Pantone's color of the season is really a vibrant purple, we've had lots of requests for Lavender. And most recently, many requests for sage, sweet mint, and hunter green! Bari Jay is adding a slate blue which will be available by January 2019. Let’s talk color!!

I make boards of color in Bari Jay’s many fabrics… I use this to pick what type of color scheme I want to use for the samples and ads. These boards enable you to work on a palette for that wedding. For example, the greens start to work in towards the blues, and then you may add just a little silver. Or the wine can operate into the blush which could operate into the gold.

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Below are some of the current color palettes we're seeing for your new year! The ideas are endless with lots of these, you can throw in a rose gold Bella chiffon or even a gold mist Bella chiffon (after we did with this particular Bari Jay homemade color palette cards, to incorporate an element of shimmer for the big day.

It is important to get swatches as colors always appear differently on the watch's screen as well as from screen to screen! These color boards enable you to figure out which color you should utilize. For example, grey has numerous shades as you have seen from our grey and silver board. The boards could also be used to pick several combined colors for the plus size bridesmaid dresses to use in the same style. Or combine fabrics inside the same color. The possibilities are endless with Bari Jay!


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