Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You: How To Walk That Perfect Walk Down the Aisle

The guests are seated, the groom is waiting, and your dress is fluffed one last time. This must mean it’s officially “go” time! With all the attention you’ve given to wedding dresses day details, you probably haven’t thought about your walk down the aisle. As the bride, all eyes will be on you as you make your grand entrance. So whether you’re coming down from a long winding staircase, or making your big reveal from behind closed doors, use these tips from Morilee by Madeline Gardner to make an entrance no one will forget.

Take a few practice steps before you start your real walk down the aisle. Depending on the type of dress you’re wearing you might need to adjust your pacing so that you don’t trip.

Hold your bouquet (if you’ll have one) at mid level, close to your stomach. You don’t want those pretty flowers taking any attention away from your face!

Keep your eye on the prize! With all of the familiar faces staring right at you, it might be hard to remember the most important person waiting for you at the end of the aisle: your groom! Make sure you keep him in your sight line as you saunter down the aisle.

Remember to smile. Entering a room with all your friends, family, and loved ones can be emotional to say the least. Think about how joyful it is to be surrounded by all the love in the room.

Soak it in. Your short stride to marriage will fly by, so take in each and every step. Listen to the music that’s playing, catch the look in your guy’s eye as he sees you, and savor the butterflies you’re feeling. It’s a sacred part of your beach wedding dresses you will surely want to remember.


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