Buying a Super Cheap Prom Dress Online

Shopping for any prom dresses yourself in a bricks and mortar shop is really a lovely experience. You have lots of choice and a lot of advice in the assistant and they'll help you every step from the way. Most shops know their stock thoroughly and stock dresses inside a range of different style and prices. However, an up towards the minute, top quality dress will probably set you back no less than £250.

We have looked online at well know sites and websites that sell a large number of prom dresses at prices that seem too good to be real. As the owner of a shop selling prom and evening dresses, I too have checked out some of these sites and wondered what their dresses are in fact like. I have also heard many problem reports from customers who've regretted their online purchases.

So, I decided that I would discover first hand such a super cheap prom dress is actually like when it arrives in your doorstep. I started my search by taking a look at a well know auction site and choosing the gorgeous dress yourself in burgundy satin. I can't put an image of the dress for copyright reasons but I will describe the gown instead. The dress were built with a tight fitting boned bodice with in built bra cups, an from the shoulder bardot neckline and v shaped back. The waistband looked to become beaded (I couldn't use whatever detail in the photo and couldn't zoom in). The satin skirt was gathered round the waist and it has a lot of fullness, probably from netted underskirts. The skirt had pockets and was finished off having a stiffened hemline to increase the fullness from the skirt. Perfect, this type of style is extremely fashionable right now and at a crazy cost of just £16.50 including postage, this gown appeared as if an absolute bargain. I ordered the dress yourself in a size XXS and in the information given ought to be for somebody having a 24inch waist.

The dress arrived six days later inside a very small plastic bag, sufficiently small to fit with the letterbox - the very first worrying sign!

The second thing I noticed the moment I opened the grey transit bag was that the gown was labelled a size small , not the XXS that I had ordered - not really a great start.

I unpacked the gown and hung it on the hanger, it had been very creased from being packed right into a small plastic bag but is made from a thin, soft satin. There was no lining towards the skirt and certainly no netted underskirts! The skirt also had no pockets and also the hemline wasn't stiffened, In fact, the skirt hung rather limply in the waistband and was just slightly gathered passing on absolutely no fullness because the original photo had shown.

The dress looked rather large for any size small - the waistband actually measured 32inches or approximately a size 14 - slightly bigger than the 24inch waist promised!

The bodice was lined in satin but had no shaping, no boning with no in built bra cups which give structure to an from the shoulder gown and help it to suit snugly towards the body and remain in place. The dress had limp straps as opposed to the fashionable bardot neckline promised.

To finish the gown off the waistband is made from a bit of slightly glittery ribbon inside a dark burgundy with simply no beading to become found.

So what conclusions have I sucked from my experiment in purchasing a super cheap prom dress online?

Did I get a dress which was worth £16.50 - yes I did.

Did I receive the gown that was advertised in my experience in the photograph - no I definitely didn't.

Was the gown wearable - possibly, if you're not too fussy and also have a 32inch waist not really a 24inch waist and therefore are not seeking to win the 'best dress' award!

Would I have been extremely disappointed if I had ordered this dress for prom - absolutely!

We are living in an ever more online world where clothing can be bought having a few clicks. Prom, however, is really a right of passage, it may be the very first time you've worn an extended dress and many want that dress to become special. It really does not matter whether your financial allowance is £50 or £500 you are able to still purchase a great green prom dress however, you should know precisely what you will get for the money. The only way you are able to do that would be to visit a shop, put on lots of different dresses, have the fabric and find out how it fits the body shape. Don't be seduced by the online 'bargain' since you really do get that which you pay for.


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