Midi and maxi dresses are generally beautifully modest choices for occasion attire

It’s a complete myth that finding yourself in style means being you cannot dress in modest attire. We’re here to inform you there are plenty of methods to wear dresses modestly for each occasion—fashionable (but modest) pieces with elegance, dignity, grace, and comfort—inside and out. Just keep the following tips in mind when selecting your modest style, and allow the outfits to take it from there.

Midi and maxi dresses are generally beautifully modest choices for occasion attire. Flowy, elegant, and feminine, they create an entrance while remaining both modest and classy.

We love wide-leg pants simply because they have lots of room and movement, but they’re also irresistibly chic and totally modest. Pair all of them with a modest turtleneck or long-sleeve blouse for that evening as well as your stylish but modest look is complete.


Modest, flowy, elegant, and versatile enough to become prom dresses up or down—especially having a ball skirt or any other fashionable but modest pieces.


These are general patterns that are modest but stylish, fresh and modern—and very easy to wear modestly.

Avoid sleeveless styles, plunging V-necks, and open backs (Bonus: Long sleeves are forever modest and stylish).

Create modest style with layers, aka a shrug on the short-sleeve dress, a wrap on the cap-sleeve midi dress.

When dressing modestly, embrace evening separates —wide-leg trousers, a blousy top, a soft cover-up, all stylish but modest choices.

Dressing modestly never needs to mean boring, It’s about what you provide the look, and shining internally. We love the choices above, but when you want to amp your outfit somewhat, look at a few bits of jewelry you might like to add to your modest style aesthetic.


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