A Modest But Gorgeous Wedding Dress in 2022

 this as-told-to essay is dependent on a conversation with Kiara Brokenbrough and contains been edited for length and clarity.

When my husband and I got married in February 2022, we chose to have a small, modest ceremony. He had recently relocated to California to reside with me, therefore we felt that people shouldn't spend an excessive amount and instead made a decision to save up for the new life together.

The dress only cost $124 because I ordered it from feeltimes, a clothing website located in China. I always wanted a more affordable dress to reduce costs — we simply spent an overall total of $800 on our marriage ceremony and reception, including the cost of my dress and the $100 tux.

Overall, I'm happy that I chose to have a modest and intimate ceremony, and I'm proud to possess spread a note that it's more essential to invest in your marriage than your wedding dresses reception or your outfit.


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