A Hopelessly Romantic Elopement on the Budget: Bailey & Derek

The couple in the centre of today's real wedding dresses, Bailey and Derek, look so thrilled to become married, no one is able not to crack a smile while you peruse the gorgeous images by Lauren Carroll Photos! Derek, from Dublin, and Bailey, from Virginia, USA, celebrated with just four guests at their romantic Irish elopement. In the end, they selected just two, their childhood close friends, while four more friends joined them for lunch and drinks afterwards. Their special day was modest when compared with many (Bailey wore a second-hand dress, and carried an easy, dried-flower bouquet), however it looks positively magical!

Bailey informs us that she started visiting Ireland when her sister's family gone to live in Dublin. "As a university student on the way to getting my Masters in teaching, I had the chance to come to Ireland for longer periods within my breaks." While in Ireland, Bailey would sometimes take care of her sister's kids, that is how she first crossed paths with Derek! "I made acquaintance having a Momma in the region, who so happened to become Derek's sister-in-law. It turns out, she had her eyes set on me and was scheming introducing Derek and me and, get Derek to exhibit me around. She went as far as to bring him to 1 of the kids birthday parties she knew I was prone to attend… but fate wasn't ready for all of us yet and I made a decision to sit that certain out!"

Eventually, Bailey decided to let Derek's sister-in-law spread her telephone number. "We made intends to go to Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, to hike the Spinc trail together," Bailey says. "It would be a blind date so neither people had seen each other before however it felt as though we'd known one another our whole lives. To this day both of us agree, for reasons uknown, we knew in those first moments this is when we are meant to become."

Jumping head-first right into a long-distance relationship, the pair eventually decided that Bailey will make the proceed to Dublin, and they'd get married soon after. But Derek was still being planning the official proposal! Bailey informs us, "I had my dog, Indigo, beside me for the plane ride and my wedding gown. I was so centered on making sure Indigo was happy and safe and calm, that I forgot my wedding gown on the plane! As I get to the terminal, I see Derek waiting away from doors, Indigo recognises him and begins pulling me (or was I pulling her? We were both excited, as you would expect!) As we reach him, we embrace, before I break this news to him that I am, actually, a ham, and also have to go to get my wedding gown. I could see the ring box in the hand… I ruined it! He didn't notice what I noticed and set it back in the pocket. He took Indigo and my bags and I ran off, wanting to get my dress and lastly be ‘home’. The second time around, as soon as he sees me, he's on a single knee!"

Bailey informs us that the pair were keen to not spend a lot of money on their special day. "This would be a wedding on a tight budget!" she says. "Neither people wanted a large wedding, neither people wanted to go full-scale, we simply wanted to possess a day focused on celebrating our fascination with one another."

The couple's brief for his or her wedding was, "simplistic, Irish, boho, as well as in that order!" Bailey adds, "Neither people wanted much from the day's traditional fuss. I'm proud to reside here and to become married for an Irish man, and Derek is really a proud Irish man, so we desired to capture the hints of traditional Irish culture and also the gorgeous land it holds. In addition, I desired to tie in odds and ends to give it romantic, boho-chic vibes. The bouquet and dress did this for me!"

The couple managed to get official in the Letterkenny Civil Registration Office, before exchanging vows and taking wedding portraits in the Poisoned Glen. "Afterwards we'd dinner and drinks in the Olde Glen Bar and Restaurant," Bailey informs us. "The food was heavenly and also the pub had this type of great atmosphere, very traditional! Our friends have joked they'd drive the 4 hours to Donegal simply to eat there again - we fully agree."

The couple informs us that having good friends in attendance made your day so, so special. "Although only a couple of them reached witness the wedding, all of us spent the morning preparing together, popping champagne, and crying happy tears, ready with this journey Derek and I were going to take." This was particularly special for Bailey, whose family were unable to travel because of Covid restrictions, and may only attend your day via Zoom. "I relied heavily and humbly around the friends of Derek's as well as their amazing partners to create me feel special and celebrated about this day. I am forever grateful for that ladies who spent the time and effort to invite me to their lives, socialize, become family, and become there for me personally on my special day when others couldn't."

Bailey describes their special day as blissful. "I'm unsure there is every other word to explain it so accurately. Despite the irony from it pouring rain, we barely noticed and merely kept moving and grooving to what your day had in store for all of us. We were puddy in fascination with one another and absolutely nothing could taint the moments we shared about this day."

Bailey's lace wedding dress is a gorgeous, second-hand find! "My dress comes from a Los Angeles based boutique and designer, V. Chapman," she says. "The dress was originally costing $395 however they didn't have my size available. I looked for weeks until I found the precise dress in my size on the marketplace, Poshmark. What would be the chances?!"

How adorable are the pair's dogs, Indigo and Bo!? Bailey informs us, "Indi may be the grey-coloured Pitbull mix, rescued at 12 weeks old and today eight years of age! Bo may be the brown-coloured Border Collie/Husky mix, rescued at six months old and today 7 years of age."

Bailey's advice for engaged couples would be to focus on yourself as well as your partner. "This is the day even though I know it can be stressful attempting to plan and can include everyone and each detail you imagined, concentrate on what is important. You as well as your partner, joining together. I promise it makes your day so much more special."

Thanks a lot to Bailey and Derek for sharing their romantic Irish elopement around, and also to Lauren Carroll for supplying the beautiful imagery! There are even more photographs to swoon over in the gallery below.


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