We met in December 2009 in a music venue, O2 Academy in Glasgow. This was before selfies, and my pal and I were attempting to take a photo of ourselves having a digital camera. This was before front-facing cameras, and we kept cutting our heads off. Andy kindly agreed to take the photos for all of us. I later discovered from his closest friend (and our Best Man), Dale, he said it was his 'in' to speak to me. It worked!

Andy knows I don't miss a great deal, so he'd to be quite smart using the proposal. We were never truly Valentine's day type, but on Valentine's Day he explained to close my eyes because he'd chosen to buy me a valentine's day gift, when I opened them, he was recorded on one knee using the most beautiful pale blue aquamarine and band. Pale blue is my absolute favorite color! So, keep surprises away I picked that for my bridesmaids!

In the lead, as much as the wedding my Mum and I visited the big Scottish wedding fair in the SEC in Glasgow. It was amazing, there have been so many suppliers to satisfy. We had this type of nice day. I bought Tie the Knot, a Scottish magazine, but I mostly looked on the internet and social networking for wedding inspiration. I also was built with a few bridal magazines forwarded to me by friends who have been engaged or married shortly before me!

We decided we'd have our ceremony at St. John's Church Greenock, and reception at Ingliston Country Club.

As for that dress well, I thought I knew precisely what I wanted. In my head, I was built with a beautiful, romantic, lace gown that was built with a vintage style into it. The trouble is with this point I'd been employed for 5 or 6 years as a bridal makeup artist, I was seeing wedding gowns 2 or 3 times per week, therefore it was pretty confusing once the time found pick my very own. But I was going shopping with my lace gown in my mind.

Every time I placed on a lace dress though, I just wasn't loving it. They are beautiful, I love them on others, however, they just didn't look directly at me. It felt like I was wearing someone else's dress, I just didn't suit it. I kept trying also it just wasn't working.

I have believed to every bride I've known since; use open-minded. Try on every shape, style, and material because that which you thought you desired versus that which you love can be VERY different.

In the finish, I chose the FeelTimes gown. My mum pulled it for me and said 'oh please do this on I love it.' I said "Mum it's not what I wanted, but ok I'll check it out for you.' I was facing the mirror once the bridal consultant was fastening the rear and immediately, I had butterflies. I remember saying "Wow, I feel just like a Hollywood star."

The shopping experience was lovely. I am apprehensive about shopping, but I settled in it after several dresses. What I'd have to say is if you put something on and also you don't feel happy, don’t even entertain it. Take it off and move ahead.

I visited a few shops after, and with each prom dresses, I tried on I compared it towards the Jodie dress. None of them helped me feel as amazing, and that's how I knew it had been the one for me. It is timeless, classic, and stylish I just needed that dress! I desired to keep it simple and allow the dress to perform the talking! My stunning veil was something borrowed, it had been my cousin Louisa's and our Gran had purchased for her!

But the largest accessory was my satin gloves! a couple of days before the marriage I was admiring my dress, counting down the amount of time till our day when I’d reach wear it. It reminded me a lot of Audrey Hepburn since the styling is classic! I thought that gloves would certainly accentuate the vintage styling from the dress, making it feel quite regal too. So, I just headed out shopping and went for this!

My good friend Lana was doing my wedding hair (she's honestly the very best ever at wedding hair), and we met doing weddings - me on makeup, Lana on hair. She stayed to assist dress me at the time - because it's something hairdressers and makeup artists often deliver to obtain bride 'aisle ready'. I placed on the gloves and asked her what she thought and she or he said I must get it done. So, the gloves continued. My other friend Samantha did my makeup and she or he agreed too. I am lucky to possess two friends I met in the marriage industry be my glam squad!

Though the gloves were a last-minute addition, these were a part of my wedding style I'll remember, and I'm so glad I went on their behalf!

It was funny as I got towards the bottom of the aisle during my family church, coupled with taking them on exchange rings. Andy believed to me 'oh wow!' I popped them within the pocket of my dress and he then whispered 'your wedding gown has pockets?!' Pockets in a wedding gown are also the most wonderful thing!

Here is really a tip I've given everyone that's been engaged since... Get a piece of paper along with a pen for you personally and your fiancé. Without saying anything, each jot down 10 things, 10 wedding wishes should you like, representing stuff you want for the day. It can be anything you want for the wedding day, and never even items you can 'buy'. For example, I wrote down that I desired to have natural photos to ensure that I wasn't posing all night and hours and that I want a big fun party atmosphere in the reception.

After you've written down your 10 things, assess. Where are you currently both similar or different? On the stuff that you both want, prioritize your financial allowance on those activities, save money on them, and cut back on stuff that isn't as vital. This makes budgeting and prioritization so much simpler, you may already know you're shelling out for the right things. It can also help you find the best suppliers.

The best bit of the marriage was in the church. We had just exchanged vows and returned down the aisle to an attractive organ piece, Widor's Toccata - it had been the piece my Mum and Dad had nearly 4 decades before. Outside the church, we welcomed and hugged each guest. It was not planned, however, it was so special to determine everyone we like most come out from the church.

I wasn't ready to hope for great weather! It's Scotland in the end. But I believed to my Mum 'I just really hope it's dry whenever we come out the church, I've long wanted a confetti moment.' And we first got it. If I could relive that moment I would.

The funniest part was in the reception! We decided on a DJ once we wanted an enormous mix of music. My cousin's husband asked the DJ to begin a dance-off. We also had family from Spain at the wedding and we had asked the DJ to experience Gypsy Kings' Bamboleo sooner or later - and that's what we should end up dancing on. I have never laughed so difficult, everybody was doing their finest flamenco/dad dance/hip hop. One of my close friends even did the worm, and my cousin-in-law ripped the knees from his trousers carrying out a knee slide. It was only the most joyful moment of my entire life, and I'll treasure it forever. Andy feels the same! Thankfully my pal had the sense to film this, so we reach watch it back and laugh!

My brother Jamie is a graphic designer. He made our invitations as well as made us just a little wedding emblem - an infinity symbol with heart. He also used this across our stationery, and my lovely friend Leila even tried on the extender to create little tags for the buttonholes, making beautiful silk pocket squares for that men. I'm lucky to possess such a creative family and friends!

My younger cousin Rebecca is a trained singer. She sang 'Make you are feeling my love' by Bob Dylan, in the end, were signing and everyone explained how much they loved as soon as. I made probably the most of my bridesmaid talent.

Finally, I want to share information on the woolen ball you may see within the photos! A year before the marriage, my mum had started a huge pom. Every time there is an occasion - my Dad's 60th, my aunt and uncle's ruby anniversary, my hen, etc, we did another row from the pom-pom in another color. A week before the marriage my mum worked, and my Dad brought it to the marriage and tried on the extender in the marriage speech like a tribute towards the importance and worth of love and family. It was this type of personal and special moment. The pom pom is hanging at my parents' house!

I would always say should you get the opportunity to do something personal, even when it feels a little random, get it done. It's your entire day, get it done your way!

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