We got married on July 25th, 2021 in the gorgeous Banff Springs Hotel, we had a dream day because of the events coordinator Sarah who ensured everything was perfect.

After 5 years together, and knowing one another since school, Adam proposed in my experience on a Gondola in Venice in May 2019, it had been so romantic.

Wedding planning was too easy, we chose local suppliers plus they made it so stress-free planning as well as on the day. I walked on the aisle only one minute late! It was everything I could have hoped a marriage to be.

I had no idea what dress I wanted, I thought maybe lace but I couldn't happen to be more wrong. I had two appointments at different shops on the same day and tried on lots of dresses; such as the dress I chose in lace! I chose the FeelTImes dress as it had been just beautiful, and I preferred the simplicity of the silk within the lace detail. On your day everyone said my dress was perfect, and never what they were expecting that was a lovely thing to become told. I loved the sparkle around the neck and waist using the simple styling.

We had Deeside Classic Campers as our transportation towards the venue. After the ceremony, we had a champagne drive just me and Adam and it had been perfect. We had time alone as a couple for the very first time, it had been perfect. Then Sarah (the wonderful events coordinator I've mentioned!) had the concept to do the very first dance outside, to ensure that our guests could participate in and without masks. It was this type of special moment to bop outside surround by nearest and dearest, without any distancing or masks.

The day wasn't entirely smooth though; once we were away from seagulls got involved…. My dress, Adam's jacket, and also the humanist's shirt all were left with seagull poo on! We just laughed and continued using the ceremony; nothing could stop us from being so happy!

My advice to future bridesmaid dresses is the fact that planning a marriage is only as hard as you make it; don't be worried about what other people want or expect, allow it to be the perfect day for you as a couple.

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