A Midsummer Night's Dream Inspired Wedding

Nurse Angelique and physician assistant Nick said their I Do's on 16th June 2018 at Gloucester, USA.

"As soon as I tried this dress on, I could see myself walking down the aisle towards Nick and I didn't wish to take it off! I couldn't stop checking Chantilly lace that cascaded down, and was surprised at how easy it had been to move in, a part of my criteria as I thought about being able to dance inside it!"

"I seemed to be excited the dress allowed me to include my own envisioned designs into it, to be able to tailor it so it had been unique in my experience. I added removable off-the-shoulder sleeves and silk buttons on the back."

"Although we're both attracted to the sea and knew we desired to begin our marriage through the ocean, we didn't feel we needed a beachy theme and instead, envisioned romantic, soft colors and fabrics that will dance within the glow of candlelight, and accompany the enchanting secret garden believe Hammond Castle creates."

"Nick wore a black 1907 suit fro, his grandfather's watch, and two cufflinks engraved with 'grow old with me on a single and 'the best is yet to be around the other, a present from me."

"The groomsmen wore mismatched black suits with matching black ties and suspenders and two fun socks that matched all of their personalities."

"Nick and I met when I was working in the hospital I was born in and Nick was doing his clinical rotation for PA school. I always loved collecting treasures in the sea then when Nick was required to Castle Island in Boston, a popular spot of my family's, to gather shells for any glass bowl, I was delighted but thought nothing concerned about it."

"I wanted seashells and turned round to locate Nick on a single knee supporting a shell having a sparkly ring within it! I looked around thinking my sister and Nicks's's brother who came around would be just as surprised as I was, however, they were perfectly positioned using their cameras out documenting as soon as!"

"We were engaged for three years before we got married as I desired to finish nursing school first and begin my career so I'd have enough time to plan the marriage."

"My bridesmaid dresses were from FeelTimes. I chose the color palette and material, then allow the bridesmaids to choose their very own style of dress. I wanted these phones to feel comfortable and delightful."

"I tried the dresses on just before recommending these phones too to my girls to ensure they were comfortable. One of the best parts of the dresses was the pockets! I also gifted each bridesmaid with earrings."

After the emotional outdoor ceremony, guests were led to the marquee for the marriage breakfast supplied based in Beverly, MA.

"The castles were beautifully decorated with real European storefronts, angelic tapestries, candelabras, and preserved, medieval treasures, that people didn't need to include much more. We used candles to maintain the storybook theme and added subtle nods to Disney love stories too."

The wedding couple then began the evening's festivities by having the first dance to Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, before Silver Arrow Band continued the party into the early hours of the morning.

Words Of Wedded Wisdom

"To all of the brides to be available, don't stress! As long as your alternatives revolve around love, everything can come together. Enjoy the planning process making each vendor or site visit a thrilling date for you personally and your fiancé! It's simple to get so busy and caught up with all of the details also it's simple to forget to create time to spend together."

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