A Colourful + Fun Tinder Love Story Wedding

The wedding dresses couple is Andi, a post-production supervisor within the TV industry, and Seb, who works in a French restaurant in LA. They married in Los Angeles, California on 16 June 2018. Their day was inspired by the bright, intense colors of confetti, along with a wish to result in the wedding into an amazing cocktail-party-style celebration to reflect their very own fun, energetic personalities.

"I found it while I was trying to find the perfect wedding gown and I loved the intriguing and diverse brides featured. All of the photos were unique and interesting, unlike lots of other blogs. I love reading about why each individual chose their dress and why it made them feel special."

"I visited www.feeltimes.co.uk to put on a glitter strapless ballgown I saw online. After speaking with my consultant about what I was searching for she suggested another sparkly gown having a cool plaid pattern, deep V neckline, and thin straps to elongate my neckline."

"It was perfect. Just like everyone lets, you know – I instantly knew it had been THE ONE. I love how unique yet classic it's. The plaid pattern is an intriguing and unexpected detail. I've always loved lots of sparkles but I never dreamed I would look for a gown that was head-to-toe glitter. It is so outrageous and matches my outgoing personality perfectly."

Andi and Seb are a real-life internet dating love story. They met in 2015 and also got engaged in Autumn 2017, planning their wedding for an additional summer.

"I was his first date and that he was probably my hundredth. I spent so long searching for someone I actually could interact with so when I met Seb I knew he was different. He's from France and super-intense and romantic, that was instantly attractive."

"I fell deeply in love with his tenderness and honesty however the accent is a major plus. He is passionate and emotional and I am practical and assertive, therefore we have a great balance. In October 2017 Seb COMPLETELY surprised me and proposed in the end were away for that weekend in Santa Barbara."

"For the ceremony we simply had my father welcome your guests then tennis ball so the mic to us and that we read love letters to one another."

"We didn't promise almost anything to one another, we simply said all of the reasons why we like each other and all of the things we’re excited to do with our lives."

Food would be a major element for that couple, who wanted a cocktail-style party with lots of delicious food.

"My mom wanted me to possess a wedding cake and also since I was indifferent concerning the idea, I allow her to be in charge of the task. We fell in love using the buttercream frosting. The bakers are super-creative with the design making a yummy confetti cake – which went perfectly with this confetti theme."

"I wouldn't like it to look just like a typical white wedding cake and I were built with a bunch of ideas so that they took my ideas and morphed them into one cohesive cake. The top layer was white with silver foil accents. The middle layer was built with a gorgeous multi-colored watercolor design and also the big bottom layer was entirely covered. Our cake wound up being among my favorite décor pieces, it had been sophisticated yet lively!"

I must mention that Andi added inside a mother and daughter dance too in the last minute; this must have been a special moment on their behalf both.

"In my family, my mom took the lead in raising me and my sister. I thought it might be nice to not only dance with my father but additionally show my mom some love and dance to her favorite song by Carole King, 'You've Got a Friend. We both got pretty emotional and I know my mom is surprised and extremely loved the sentiment."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"My number 1 piece of advice would be to make room inside your budget for a marriage coordinator. My planner made probably the most difference the week before when she confirmed all of the vendors and handled everything on the day of the wedding. So if you can swing it, I think hiring someone not less than the week before or the day of is priceless. I can't let you know how nice it had been to just relax and drink Champagne with my girls all day long before our wedding started and not be worried about little things like when the florist arrived promptly!"

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