A Colourful and Flamboyant Florentine Fiesta Wedding

Barbara, a fashion designer wed Lorenzo, who works in corporate communication, on 23 September 2017 within an opulent, three-day festival wedding at Fiesole, Florence, Italy.

"We loved Maiano as this villa was perfect for that style chosen for that wedding, as the Fattoria – sited several kilometers from Florence – would be a luxurious and comfortable solution for guests."

"We imagined a romantic and stylish wedding dresses, very natural, with vintage objects along with a touch of tropical, therefore the candles, the pineapples and a lot of beautiful furniture made our ambiance. In Venezuela, the weddings are extremely elegant but simultaneously the Latin soul commands, so it's the music and also the entertainment that counts."

"We met in Toronto, Canada in September 2007 because I was attending the same English course. Our first kiss was in a Latin fiesta, only then do we spend many days together however had to say goodbye. At the same time, I was strong and certain we would see and meet again because what we should felt for every other in those magical days in Toronto was special."

"So we met several months later in Madrid, then Lorenzo spent time in Caracas, and I went for a few months to Milan (where Lorenzo worked in those days)."

"Finally I decided, after completing my studies in Fashion Design, to maneuver to Italy to carry on my career and also to join Lorenzo. Exactly 10 years after we met, we got married within our new home city in 2014, the gorgeous and romantic Florence."

Barbara and her girls seem like they are having a lot of fun preparing on the morning of the marriage, and I love they'd time to get outdoors and revel in each others' company.

Their hair and make-up were styled, and Barbara opted for any striking up-do which showcases the intricate detail on her behalf gown's bodice.

With experience in fashion design, Barbara needed to design her very own gown. The result, produced by the atelier, is just incredible. A sleek and fitted high-necked bodice flows right into a loose, flowy sleeve along with a dramatic, feathered train that has such gorgeous movement. What a design. I love the appliquéed lace which feels so lavish.

When the time came to marry, a live version of Elvis Presley's 'Can't Help Falling In Love' was sung as Barbara was escorted on the aisle by her step-father to satisfy Lorenzo. By the way, doesn't he look so dapper in the smart suit?

"I walked on the aisle with my step-dad, who is my 'old man'; I felt deep emotion to walk on the aisle with him."

"It was the most wonderful day of our way of life. There is not a popular part but a popular feeling, because after 10 years we could finally have our families and friends together in the same place. It was magic."

Barbara gave her bridesmaids the freedom to select their own, glamorous gowns.

"They originated from five different cities on the planet, so I gave them a mood, and also the dresses were chosen by all of them."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Do that which you want; don't listen to the opinion of others. Make your dream become a reality and remember that it's yours as well as your fiancé's day; no one else's opinion counts. Just listen to the marriage planner!"

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