Dorset Wedding Photographer + 1-Hour Engagement Session For Couples

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Richard, please introduce yourself…

I'm located in Dorset but cover all around the UK and destination weddings across Europe.

Tell us the way you started in photography and what drew you to wedding photography particularly?

I studied film-making at university but while there acquired my first camera with the aid of my mum which started a hobby along with a love for photography. After I finished uni, I started doing odd projects for family and friends from commercial work, and portraits to even gig photography. A good friend then inquired about photographing her wedding, I had never even considered it before. Now ten years later I'm so glad she inquired about it as I might not have gone in this direction and located the job that I love.

What would you love most about being a wedding dresses photographer?

This might sound weird to express on a marriage blog that will help couples style their wedding, but I'm not too interested in the small things that create a wedding, cakes, dresses, suits, reception hall decor, etc. For me it's about documenting people, I like to capture them at their happiest and also to record the plethora of emotions that may be displayed on the wedding day.

How can you describe your signature style and approach?

I think my style is evolving, but I attempt to focus on the documentary style which honestly portrays a marriage. I like clean compositions and love using light to direct attention.

What would you think makes your look of photography attractive to couples?

I'm very relaxed at marriage, so I believe that is attractive to couples, they can enjoy the wedding without having to be worried about photography.

And just how long do couples have to wait to get their photography following the wedding?

Within roughly per week they will get a preview gallery with around 40 images, the rest of the pictures usually take between 6-8 weeks concerning the time of the entire year.

Have you noticed any alterations in what couples want/need in wedding photography recently?

Wedding photography has changed through the years since I started. You get polarising styles nowadays, some focus on the purely street documentary style without any posing to others whose main aim would be to create a more fine-art fashion look. Both are beautiful themselves, and I think it's good to possess options for couples using their taste.

What are the favorite types of wedding photographs to consider (ie, preparing shots, couple portrait shots, etc)

I think it needs to be the speeches. I always love photographing this area of the day, you actually see emotions on everyone's faces, may it be happiness or sadness from the lost family who can't be around to witness your day; it is a privilege to document these moments.

What type of things would you like to do from work?

I like to travel but additionally enjoy home time, so it's always a delicate balance to feed the 2 parts of my soul. I think combining my job with traveling has helped in this way, I have loved going through the continent for weddings in the last few years.

What advice can you pass on to couples nervous/not interested in being photographed?

If they've hired a documentary-style wedding photographer then never fear at all. A lot of my couples either don't usually like having their picture taken and many the time they wind up loving it on your day. I'll be playful and provide them with various tasks related to one another using the main aim is perfect for them to forget they're being photographed, it does work, and also the relaxed images work nicely using the documentary style which I do for the rest of your day.

Tell us about your involvement with FeelTimes…

I've been featured on a few different blogs now through the years, but I still love how FeelTimes features among the weddings I've photographed! You can tell they put in any effort.

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