A Romantic Cotswolds Wedding

The wedded couple is talented agents Chessie and Ollie, who have been married around the 4 August at a magical medieval church, whose doors are flanked by two ancient, sinuous yew trees.

"My favorite thing about my dress was that I knew I wanted something big and bridal, but I didn't wish to feel weighed down by tonnes of material. FeelTimes was able to give me the bridal effect whilst making the gown incredibly light and ethereal. It was probably the most perfect balance."

"We just kept it classic. We wanted mostly green and white, as well as for it all to appear like an extension of the English countryside. Fiona is amazing. She's local, so knows the neighborhood flowers and greenery, therefore we stuck within those parameters. We threw in certain pastel peaches simply to add a slight variation of color. I always adored astilbe, so I knew I wanted those to become my bridesmaids' flowers. I just think they appear so soft and ethereal."

Chessie and Ollie first met at their office Christmas party this year, and began dating at the beginning of 2012, after it had taken Ollie a couple of weeks to work in the courage to inquire about it!

"We were engaged in March 2016. My husband outdid himself around the proposal, and the poor guy has set himself a higher standard! He surprised me by having a weekend away to Florence, which is my favorite city in the world."

"He had cleared it with my office, packed me a suitcase using the help of my mum, and just told me the night time before that I wasn't likely to be going into work the following day."

"Once we found its way to Florence, he required as much as San Miniato al Monte, in the top from the city, where (in public places!) he got on a single knee and inquired about to marry him."

"We then spent the rest of the weekend celebrating at some of our favorite restaurants he booked months ahead of time. The cherry around the cake was that when our plane touched down in London, he'd already arranged to visit and see my loved ones, who have been waiting inside my parents' house to toast the engagement and share the celebration."

The bridesmaids each wore quite a pink dress that belongs to their choosing and styled these using their shoes and accessories, too.

Cool wedding dresses transport would be a vintage, white convertible VW Beetle.

"Without any doubt, the ceremony itself was our favorite moment of the day. Everything else was this type of blur, but each element from the wedding ceremony remains superior in my mind."

The church yew trees I mentioned right at the beginning provided probably the most spectacular backdrop for post-ceremony photos, wonderfully captured by Sandra.

"We were built with a crisis when our photographer brought out 3 months before the big day. Our unbelievable videographer then suggested Sandra, and that we couldn't believe our luck. It was fate, and I hope a note to future couples that everything happens for any reason. No need to panic when things don't go based on plan!"

"Your big day goes by within the blink of the eye, so dealing with re-live it, again and again, is the biggest threat within the world. Frances from am unimposing; we never even noticed she was getting half from the footage we became able to watch."

Ollie looked incredibly smart in the traditional morning suit, that they wore having a waistcoat designed for him by friend Harry Hales, who runs a menswear label, that makes their pieces for surplus fabrics. Ollie and the groomsmen all wore Liberty print ties, and Ollie's shoes were a marriage gift to him from Chessie.

Long, rustic tables were laid with beautiful crockery, glassware, and cutlery, and dotted with flowers, plants, and candles held inside glass candlesticks, which caught the sunshine beautifully.

Joyful toasts and speeches were enjoyed during the marriage feast, so that as day became night and also the evening festivities began, Chessie and Ollie enjoyed their first dance together as a couple, to Natalie Cole’s lovely song, This Will Be.

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"It is this type of cliché, but it's to not get bogged down within the detail and end up forgetting what it is you're doing."

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