A Colourful & Fun Inspired Wedding

Travel writer and blogger wed author and editor in an exciting outdoor ceremony around the banks of, Wadhurst in East Sussex on 6 July 2019 with dinner and dancing after. The couple made a day that was 'them' through and through – colorful, vibrant and fun – all inspired by the sights, sounds, and smells of India, where Jason lived for three years.

"We decided to possess a relaxed, fun, colorful day celebrating our second chance at love. The day was just glowing and alive with happiness and joy!"

"Jason is a successful author in India and lived there for three years. I visited with Jason when he was inspired to be a speaker at the Jaipur Literary Festival and fell deeply in love with it too; the shades, the websites, the smells, the entire experience. We chose to create a real nod to the love of India. Most of the traditional Bollywood/Indian wedding marigold garlands and decorations were sent from Delhi from friends we now have there."

Lucy planned the marriage with the help of her mum and, for that reception, Thomas Charles Noble at The Boat House Bistro. I love that they took inspiration from reading, too.

The bridesmaids look sensational within their gowns in a range of tropical colors, all accessorized with rose gold flamingo necklaces, to enhance the flamingos for the rest of the day.

The flower girl was dressed inside a pearlescent, rose gold, layered party dress, also the pageboy was inside a bright orange bow tie and braces, and cool deck shoes.

The bride selected a pure white, era-inspired gown. Its gorgeous drop-waisted bodice and draped skirt possess a whimsical era-inspired vibe and people's delicate tassels and fringing infuse a subtle Indian feel.

"I loved my ceremony prom dresses. The fringing and tassels were built with a 1920's Art Deco vibe but additionally felt bohemian. They had an East meets West feel when teamed using the Indian jewelry and headpiece."

The groom looked magnificent and oh-so-comfortable in the traditional Indian groom's suit.

The gorgeous color and unbridled joy during the day were recorded through the super-talented Lottie. I for just one love the clarity and modern vibrancy of her work, but she's captured all the romantic, and emotional aspects too.

"Lottie was amazing – this type of gorgeous soul who is positive and excited over every element during the day. We just loved her, her vibe and outlook. I think even when we had told Lottie I was jumping from a plane she would happen to be like 'ok cool!'. Paige Birnie who runs and owns the organization is also the sweetest and thus kind and caring of her brides! I adore these girls a lot."

It appears to be if Lucy and Jason made a lot of fantastic memories using their friends and family.

"My favorite part during the day was having all the people that we like they're rooting for all of us and enveloping us in love and joy. After two hard divorces, the thought of marriage and marriage again can be difficult. I battled with the way we should celebrate our union but I am so glad we decided to do it under our means in the front of those who happen to be on this journey around. I feel as if the sun was shining on all of us and showing us that there is a second chance in a happy ending. The love Jason and I have for every other is big and bigger than life and our day reflected that."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Be yourself! Our day reflected us through and through. We didn't wish to accomplish anything too traditional or anything I was 'supposed' to complete. We wanted your day to be about us and our love and sharing that magic with those we like dearest. We didn't want regimented plans; we wanted an adaptable, fun day where people could laugh and relish the experience. Our guests came away saying it felt like they have been on holiday."

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