A Colourful, DIY, Village Hall Wedding

Meet Gem, a marketing account manager for any magazine company, and Nick, a CPA. They were married on the 22 September 2018, in a ceremony held in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Gem's bridesmaids looked beautiful inside a variety of jewel-toned dresses in deep red, green, purple, and blue. They wore these lovely bridesmaid dresses using their selection of metallic shoes, and fresh flowers in their hair.

"All girls are so different, and I didn't want one to wear something they didn't like and feel uncomfortable. I wanted these phones to feel their most fabulous selves! As there were lots of them, I felt just like a mismatched effect works best anyway."

Gem struggled if this came to choosing her wedding gown, thinking she would love the knowledge but finding it overwhelming. Going on a relaxed trip together with her bridesmaids helped to accept pressure off, also it was during this trip that they found the perfect dress.

Gem looked just like a dream within this glorious, satin, and tulle era-inspired dress, using its pearl and crystal embellishment and pretty capped sleeves.

"I loved the very fact it was an attractive, warm champagne color, and adored the sparkle and also the old school glamour from it. It has a rather easy silhouette, having a gorgeous beaded tulle overlay and an excellent little train. On your day itself, I felt just like a woodland fairy princess! I was comfortable all day long, and may move and dance and jump down and up to my heart's content."

Gem and Nick are senior high school sweethearts, happening on their first date together (aged 17) as the Gem describes like a 'surprisingly romantic' owl and otter sanctuary! They went their separate ways because they headed on to university, but remained friends, and after graduating, both went to live in London and started to spend more time together.

"It felt incredibly natural to obtain back together in 2013 – as we'd never been apart. We’d been together for four years when Nick proposed in my experience on Boxing Day of 2016."

The ceremony was conducted through the chapel's minister, Judith Burrows. What a lovely spot to be married, and just how wonderfully the area was decorated with vibrant, seasonal blooms.

"We knew fairly early on that people wanted a village hall reception. When we started planning and becoming ideas together, we realized very quickly that people weren't fussed about formalities or perhaps a beautiful venue – all we wanted would be a big, fun, relaxed party, where we're able to celebrate with our favorite people and fill them track of good food and drinks."

In keeping using their rustic, woodland theme, Gem and Nick hired vintage trestle tables and oak chairs, and Gem handmade place settings using Kraft cards along with a stamp.

"My close family friend agreed to do all of the flowers at our village hall like a wedding gift. For both venues, we wanted locally grown, seasonal flowers without any floral foam, no plastic with no non-recyclables, having a 'mismatched jewel meets woodland' feel."

"I will invariably remember her kindness. She was soaking strips of bamboo in her garden for weeks, and used these phones to create the most fabulous floral hoops, full of foliage and also the brightest pops of orange, pink, and red dahlias."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"So many of our guests have said they'd never witnessed a happier bride. If you're anything like me, please don't think there's anything wrong with you, despite what TV might have us believe! Our day was still being just as special in my experience, I just spent it laughing my go instead of sobbing."

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