An English Country Inspired Wedding at Euridge Manor Wedding

Euridge Manor and it is beautiful grounds were the venue for that summer wedding of Rachel and John.

"We reside in London but knew we wanted an English countryside wedding dresses. My parents possess a house in Wiltshire so we possess a strong link with that part of the country. I didn't wish to compromise on the venue purely for any location so I was extremely nervous about finding one out of Wiltshire."

"When I saw the image from the lake using the tunnels from the house, I thought something should be wrong which was an image of an Italian villa. I found the website and I couldn't believe it was indeed in Wiltshire. We viewed it as being soon as we possibly could. I braced myself for that pictures being deceiving but it's honestly more beautiful than pictures could ever write out."

It's so great to know that Rachel found lots of ideas of inspiration, along with the designer from the two beautiful wedding dresses she wore throughout the day, and.

Rachel added a cathedral-length veil, from Sassi Holford and ‘Soraya' shoes.

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"They were probably the most epic shoes ever. The Sassi store explained to check her out when I requested recommendations and I couldn't believe my eyes. They're like pieces of art! I wanted shoes that I don again and I will with these."

"I never thought I would do an A-line dress. It is true for brides to test all different shapes and styles as you may be surprised! I thought the gown was perfect for any country manor house wedding and I couldn't have felt more wonderful inside it. It loved the actual way it moved and wasn’t stiff whilst still giving the bridal, A-line look. The relaxed spaghetti straps and mid-back gave a little bit of flirty youthfulness for an otherwise classic look."

Rachel's six bridesmaids kept it super-classic with FeelTimes dresses.

"They somehow fitted various body types amazingly and also the girls appeared to genuinely love them. I think doing mismatched bridesmaids is a more popular and modern move to make these days however when dresses are as beautiful because this, I think you can't fail with matching. I allow them to choose their very own shoes, but many went for any nude heel."

John decided on a classic groom's outfit, a three-piece morning suit hired from.

For Rachel and John, 11 September 2021 was their third date, postponed because of the Covid pandemic. Like many more, Rachel drew support in the campaign.

"We got engaged in March 2019 and planned our beach wedding dresses for September 2020. We went to live in April 2021 assuming Covid will be a thing of the past. The What About Weddings campaign was the one thing that kept me sane. Sadly, even dear friends couldn't console my anxiety as, if you don't were a Covid bride coupled with to postpone, you just wouldn't comprehend the heartache and stress."

John and Rachel both visited the university in Liverpool and met via a shared love of music.

"Whilst he doesn't do it now (apart from the occasional house party of the friend), John is a fantastic DJ so that as a student, set up a very well-loved and successful student club night. I would be a fun-loving student, always up for any dance so would be a regular attendee and would often post pictures of my close friends and me there."

"John wound up getting in touch to determine if I desired to sell tickets and therefore we ended up meeting and talking using that. He loves to remind me he was technically my boss for any while."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Even though it is a hard job, really take your time in your seating plan. No one wants their guests to pass through an awkward handful of hours talking with people they won't start. Lastly, we asked that nobody took photos or videos during our church service, but next, we were relaxed and happy for anybody to. I'm so in love with using the pictures and videos that friends took. My friend took a slow-mo video once we walked with the confetti and I watch it most days… it's so joyful!"

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