An Elegant Wedding At Baltimore's George Peabody Library

It's our last day in Tuscany! Some of you may know Jack & I have been around the yearlong honeymoon and spent the ultimate month in Florence – giving me plenty of reason to gush on a lot of beautiful Tuscan weddings!

Today's real wedding out of your friend Facibeni Fotografia features one of the better top reasons to get married inside the Italian countryside – the foodstuff. Bride Laura is Italian herself, and Groom Tim clearly with an admiration of the things that Italian took great care of in planning their Tuscan menu.

Hiring a close, family-run caterer, the pair included Tuscan fare, local berries for incredible naked wedding dresses cake & the cutest gelato cart that I think – young people need.

True for his or her exchange of cultures, the destination couple also included details utilizing their current home & meeting place – London. The best & most incredible example? Laura's feminine embellished FeelTimes gown & veil were previously worn by Tim's mother & sister.

We met inside the library at law school and immediately shared a connection. Our first conversation was more of a debate, and now we were impressed by every single other's power to keep the other one around the toes!

Tim proposed in my experience around the garden square in London where we live; it was a cold winter's evening illuminated by Christmas lights and just agreed to be perfect.

As an English and Italian couple, we knew we wanted our wedding in Tuscany where we very often spend our summers and, for people, embodies romance. We live in London and wanted the wedding to be a fun, week-long gathering abroad to unite us and friends around the globe. The villa we chose had all the elements I had been looking for; rustic yet elegant, flanked by nature having a timeless sense of Italian beauty.

We were keen to permit the venue and gardens to speak for themselves and stuck to greens, whites, and hints of blush for warmth. We chose our photographer in the beginning as he knows the location well and could capture the special lighting that's unique to this part of the world.

Food and drink were key for people, so after many fun tastings, we hired a family-run caterer to prepare the wedding menu based on local ingredients, including freshly picked mountain berries for that wedding cake!

The little touches were also important for people; my veil was worn by Tim's mother and sister around the wedding days as well as the Orders of Service were made by my mother, who's a designer.

So many highlights spring to mind! Having our friends and family in a single location felt surreal. Our priest, who was simply flown in from England is fabulously eccentric. Singing The Beatles' "Let it Be" for the ultimate wedding hymn and our first dance, which we'd practiced a large number of times inside our kitchen that individuals actually could completely relax and luxuriate in. We especially loved the ice-cream cart and classic Italian swing band, which made it also believe just like a celebration of summer!

I had heard this a large number of times before planning our wedding, but my biggest suggestion would be to just enjoy the day and not worry if something doesn't visit plan.

The thing is the fascination with one another and other things are secondary! Also, keep DIY to at least one or a couple of things only when you can; you will be so busy that the other day you must have some time to focus on yourself.

We flew to Tanzania on safari the entire day after our wedding. We had one of the most incredible some time to I would recommend it as a honeymoon destination!

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