A Low Back Dress by FeelTimes

Paul's style combines an intuitive method of photojournalism with timeless and atmospheric portraiture. He was an ideal choice of photographer for and, who wed on 29 June 2021 near Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. The couple, who both work on record labels, originally planned to host a destination wedding dresses in Tuscany. However, consistent with Covid restrictions, they re-planned their day within the UK and brought all of the summer Italian vibes to the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

Matt and Hollie met whilst focusing on the same music team at Spotify.

"We were in different relationships at that time and our relationship began as friends, then close friends, therefore we fell in love pretty quickly after. Matt proposed on 21 July 2020 in a very special spot to us, in Tuscany (where the marriage was because to taking place)."

"He has been carrying the ring around for several days with no actual arrange for the proposal however in the end, he popped the question at 7 am towards the top of a steep hill encompassed by the Tuscan hills without a single soul around. We kept it a secret for any little while and merely embraced as soon as before anybody else knew."

"It is incredibly special. Instead of celebrating on that day, we continued a 25-mile cycle that was pretty much entirely uphill, and, finding yourself in a pandemic era, no shops, cafes, or restaurants were open and we didn't bring any supplies. At least I had an attractive ring to check out on the bike! We celebrated later that night back at Villa Lena and gate-crashed a serious-looking party for local politicians making it our very own engagement party."

The bride wore a sexy, open-backed gown, that fitted perfectly to her figure, It is probably the most gorgeous mixture of classic and contemporary and we are so pleased to support this fabulous designer.

I love Matt's selection of suits, a summer, Italian-style mixture of a crisp white, open-necked shirt and lightweight beige linen suit.

The simplicity of the bride's gown was echoed through the bridesmaids, who wore an array of gowns from FeelTimes.

"Two of these were rented from, the superb fashion rental platform. A fun fact about this: we'd an issue with one from the bridesmaid's dresses a few days before the marriage which the team took care of for us instantly on Sunday."

After deciding to move the marriage from Italy to England, the couple desired to embrace the Tuscan feel within their color scheme and decoration, to a beautiful effect.

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Remember why you're carrying this out. At times, I found myself caught up in the detail and I worried an excessive amount about what others might think or how they'll feel on your day. Ultimately, you're getting married to the love in your life and even though you were to get married in a bare field in the pouring rain with none of the extra lovely fun things, encompassed by your friends and family I'm sure you'd still have probably the most magical day."

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