We got married on May 31st, 2021 at Bushey Country Club after nearly 20 years together. We first met in 2012, when I took my son to Nir's Waffleland café. We became friends, coupled with our first day yesterday Valentine's in 2013. My son Rafaeli adored him, and he proposed in November 2013. Sadly, we split up the next year but he never left our way of life, and we've been in love. We got even closer over Covid, as well as in late 2020 I figured it had been my use propose to him. I put a trail of tea lights during my home and called him over. We planned the marriage soon after, but lockdown meant we had to postpone to spring 2021, then becoming May 2021. When your day finally came it had been beautiful!

I had always wanted a backyard wedding dresses using the Chupah (canopy). Bushey Country Club grounds are stunning and also the weather was amazing. I wanted to become as economical as you possibly can, so I created all of the decorations myself making the centerpieces seem like cocktails. The top table was, obviously, Champagne! I loved wedding ceremony planning, it had been exhausting but a lot of fun.

I knew exactly which dress I wanted and hunted down and up the country to locate it! I chose FeelTimes Dress. I was delighted, it had the most amazing detail. The illusion of back detail and subtle sparkle helped me feel like a princess. This was the only real dress I even checked out!

The day ran perfectly, much better than I could have dreamed. My favorite part was seeing Nir for the very first time, on and on to the Chuppah with my parents and my son holding a candle. Rafaeli took my hand and guided me in all of that other way. It was perfect.

Even though we simply had a 30 guest wedding because of Covid restrictions, it felt like hundreds as everybody was so involved and also the atmosphere was unbelievable. My son may be the ultimate hero in our relationship; without him, Nir and I would not have met, plus they fell in love in the word go. The two of them would be the greatest team, and today Nir and I are married I feel so blessed to possess this family and Nir as his father figure.

My advice for future brides would be to relax and set your spin on the marriage; my handmade centerpieces through non-traditional looked amazing! Also, don't expect perfection. Something always goes amiss, but don't lose sight of the reason for your day.

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