MOB Dress Etiquette – Mother from the bride Dos and Don'ts

Although plenty of traditions and rules have changed within the 21st century, some from the classic ones still stand. The first rule that pertains to all wedding guests, but specifically for the mothers is the attire must be appropriate for that tone from the wedding. If it's a proper evening wedding dresses you need to wear an extended gown, if it's a daytime wedding, dress for that daytime.

Keep the embellishments low. Choose lace, pearl, or intricate beadwork. If her daughter's gown is straightforward and classy, then your mother from the bride's dress ought to be simple too.

Your outfit should use your body shape, not the other way round. Wearing a dress-up costume that is not suitable for the body shape could add pounds to your waistline and can almost certainly leave you feeling uncomfortable all day long. Follow one easy rule like a starting point. If you are curvy, go for styles and fabrics that flow together with your curves. Go for silk, chiffon, jersey, fine knits, etc. If you have a straighter body, fabrics having a bit of structure works well. Think cotton, satin, fine wool, or linen.

There was previously a saying for the mother from the groom to "shut up, appear and wear beige" but as the standard roles disappear, thankfully this horrible motto no more stands. But even when styles are changing, traditional etiquette still holds. The mother from the groom should defer towards the mother from the bride in selecting a dress, as well as for either, the best sin remains wearing white. The objective of this isn't so much to complement, although not to clash. After all, you would like that big family photo to look good, reflect the quantity of thought and energy put into organizing the marriage, and never look like everyone just turned up. Style-wise, there aren't any differences between dresses for moms from the bride and dresses for moms from the groom. The general advice would be to avoid something that is "too much" – too tight, too see-through, too flashy.

Ultimately, what matters a lot more than dress etiquette for the mother from the groom is the mother from the groom, your daughter's groom, and the bride-to-be are happy with the gown. Getting prior approval for the gown from the bride to be-to-be is a surefire method to know that you'll be dressed appropriately. Mothers will vary, but the things they're doing share fully is a desire for their daughters or sons to become happy and also have a joyful wedding.

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