A Guide To Finding The Perfect Prom Dress

Your final year is upon you, meaning exams but more to the point prom and prom dresses. Our prom dress guide is the best procrastination all that homework. Who needs maths revision whenever you could find an ideal dress to determine you are crowned prom queen? Luckily for you, there's room for both revision and shopping, and you've worked with enough concentration to earn your little read along with a scroll…

Our Guide To Prom Dress Shopping

If you've found yourself stuck about what prom dress to put on, don't worry. Switching from the school uniform to some formal gown could be pretty daunting, and that's why we’re here to assist.

What Colour Should I Wear?

We'll start with the basics, with what colour dress to select. As unhelpful as it might sound, it truly is down to you and that which you feel comfortable in. However, there are methods of narrowing down your research if you're lost.

Here comes the science bit…but we swear it's helpful and never a way to trick you into much more learning. Your skin tone might help define which colours you appear best in. If you've got a rosy complexion with blue-tinted veins, you're probably to have a cool complexion. If you've got a golden undertone with green-tinted veins, you've got a warm complexion.

Jewel shades like emerald, deep blue or purple are more effective for those having a cooler complexion. If you've got a warmer tone, reds, oranges, and earthy tones will appear especially good for you. A black prom dress such as the FeelTimes one shoulder ruched prom dress is a style that meets just about anyone.

Are Prom Dresses Long Or Short?

The short response is both. A more traditional formal gown is commonly a floor-length style, but that's not saying that you can look for a short prom dress that will suit the occasion.

A maxi prom dress is a vintage option, skimming the ground for some Hollywood style drama. A fishtail style dress is a perfect option for a full-length option that still has glamour. The dress with added frills is just that which you've been surfing for.

If a maxi dress is simply not your style, there are many short prom dresses available. When it comes to shorter styles, you could be a bit more playful. You can choose a dress having a fuller skirt or something a little more stylistic. Whilst this 20s style embellished dress may remind you of The Great Gatsby, there isn't any studying from the text required.

What Prom Dress Suits My Body Shape?

You determine if a dress may be the one for you personally if it enables you to feel amazing, regardless of what shape you're. However, there are specific styles of dress that might help to accentuate the good thing about you.

Big Boobs

When you've been blessed with big boobs, they need to be kept in consideration when finding a nighttime style dress. If you're dreaming about full support with no nip-slips, deep plunging and backless dresses are out. This FeelTimes dress means you can tie the neck inside a halter neck or perhaps a v-neck and tighten it for support that you simply can control. Plus, two dresses for that price of one…


Petite girls, you'll go to the ball. Maxi dresses may be difficult for whatever you petite girls looking for an outfit to sweep you off the feet, but shorter dresses can continue to pack a punch. The FeelTimes dress is a feminine style that's perfect for dressing.


If you've got curves throughout, then good for you personally. All you need now is a dress to exhibit them off. An illusion dress is ideal for sculpting your thing whilst adding a little glitz. Try the Arabella black maxi dress, it even has sequins for your certain touch.

Unfortunately, we can't let you know exactly what your prom dresses will appear like. That part is you. But once you've done the hard part of revision and exams, dress shopping will seem easy. If you still want more help, maybe it's time for you to swallow your pride and enlist your Mum for any advice. We've even got an opportune guide to assist her out with her prom dress picking.

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