The 3 Hottest Trends in Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the very visceral facets of any wedding may be the attire, particularly concerning the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids (and secondarily, mom of the bride-to-be). I've discussed wedding dresses previously, however for today's post I'll be drilling down and focusing specifically on bridesmaid dress trends for 2022.

It's no secret that the latest fashions are in a continuing state of flux year in and year out, and bridesmaid gowns are certainly the same. The most popular styles often change somewhat dramatically every 5 years or so!

So, where do you turn? Well, you look at this post, to begin with! Then, in conjunction with the bride-to-be, do your homework and try on the few styles to determine what one might work the very best.


When you are looking at bridesmaid fashion, less is certainly more in 2022. Long and tea-length dresses are great for the mom of the bride-to-be, but this style is usually too passé for modern bridal parties. Dresses which are above the knee are incredibly trendy at this time, which is great for younger, more free-spirited bridal parties.


In terms of the actual design, the greater the contemporary the facts, the greater. Low necklines, flutter sleeves along with a dash of asymmetry are only a few examples of the contemporary attributes of today's trendy bridesmaid gowns.

Additionally, dress fabrics have become lighter and much more feminine. Fabrics for example silk, chiffon and lace are 3 of the very popular materials right now. The times of heavy, constrictive bridesmaid dress fabrics have gone the way from the typewriter.


Bridesmaid dress colors have become more bold and bright in 2022. Colors for example plum, sky blue, and lightweight rose have become more and much more popular. The primary change regarding color trends this season relative to prior years would be that the rules have effectively been trashed the window. In 2022 and hopefully beyond, any color could be worn with no fear of being considered taboo. And, at certain weddings, each bridesmaid wears the same style of dress however in different colors. So like I said, the only real rule at this time is that there aren't any rules!


I sincerely do hope you enjoyed this "quick and dirty" overview of the 3 hottest trends for bridesmaid gowns!


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