Why We’re Still Loving The Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress Trend

In the field of wedding dresses, we gush over new silhouettes, details, and appliques. But, some trends should last. Off-the-shoulder wedding gowns have been trending for some time now. This isn't an accident, whether you credit the fashionable style to free-spirited 1970s fashion renegades as well as 1920s cold-shouldered dancers & aristocrats, off-the-shoulder wedding gowns have always been built with a place in wedding fashion.

The latest dress collection includes off-the-shoulder gowns for virtually every type of bride. Classic, bohemian, romantic & modern brides will all look for a gorgeous method to show off their shoulders on the wedding day. We’re sharing six explanations why we’re still loving this trend & gorgeous gowns that prove the purpose!

They look great on everyone

While we feel everybody can rock any bridal silhouette, off-the-shoulder gowns embody this mantra completely. No matter what shape you're in, regardless of what bits of the body you love most, off-the-shoulder wedding gowns look good on anyone.

Feel very best in a flowy, a-line gown? There’s an off-the-shoulder sleeve for you. Looking to show those curves inside a figure-hugging dress? You’ll find shoulder-baring sleeves for your, too!

They are available in any bridal style

Not only do off-the-shoulder gowns are available in every figure-flattering silhouette as mentioned above, but they also are available in just about every bridal style, too! Now, as part of your, you'll find shoulder-baring gowns for just about any type of wedding for just about any type of bride.

They evoke a free-spirited vibe

Yes, off-the-shoulder wedding gowns have been around for some time. But although they’ve hit the mainstream runways for many years, the choice sleeve still evokes a free-spirited vibe.

Whether it's our nostalgic images of 1970s brides or simply the fact that the design and style is still always the “alternative sleeve”, choosing an off-the-shoulder gown says, “I dance towards the beat of the different drum” and that we think that’s wonderful.

They’re often versatile

Will you know most off-the-shoulder sleeves could be donned in several ways? So many gowns of the persuasion could be worn as off-the-shoulder, lifted loosely on your shoulders as well as off one shoulder for any cool, avant-garde look.

They show some skin, modestly

This may not apply to everyone, but, if you’re seeking to show some skin but still dress modestly, off-the-shoulder gowns give that appeal. Pair an off-the-shoulder detail having a modest a-line gown and also you’ve got an ideal marriage of fashion and sensibility.

You can rock big jewelry

"Off-the-shoulder gowns feel classically bridal and also you get to rock big jewelry!" The open neckline & bare shoulder produce a canvas to showcase some seriously sparkling & bold jewels.

Essential Info

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