On Trend: Perfectly Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

We never tire of purple bridesmaid gowns! With so many different tones of purple, there are numerous ways to create an on-trend wedding palette. Unsure whether this color would suit the aesthetic you are going for? Fear not! There are many different methods you can combine our purple bridesmaid gowns to showcase this color on your big day! Check out all of our purple-colored bridesmaid gowns, plus acquire some tips on how to make use of this color inside your wedding.

Why We’re Loving Purple bridesmaid dresses

Purple maybe the color of royalty! On the romance scale, it's also a close sister to pink. This stunning color is rich and luxurious and works both in vibrant and much more toned-down wedding schemes. At FeelTimes, we provide a large choice of purple-colored bridesmaid gowns. By choosing shades and hues which include a range of warm and cool tones, we focus on several brides. We want to allow you to incorporate purple into your wedding palette, regardless of the season. Whether your intention is a combine or solid colored fall into line, your girls may have plenty of flattering options to select from.

Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Dark purple is a versatile shade that works year-round. It is a color that contributes a dimension to the palette. Pair it with dresses in lighter shades of purple, or along with other dark colors to have an edgy wedding look.

Plum Bridesmaid Dresses

A dark purple with brown tones, Plum and Eggplant are rich and earthy shades. A cool tone, they work nicely for fall, in addition to early winter. Very similar in color to plum bridesmaid gowns, eggplant is equally as stunning.

Wine Bridesmaid Dresses

Just such as the jam, the color mulberry is a deep purple-pink shade. It is very much like wine bridesmaid gowns, however with a purple undertone. A warm color, it's popular for late spring with the fall.

Light Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Light purple bridesmaids' dresses are specifically popular for that springtime. It is a beautiful color you can use if you aren’t keen on pink, or perhaps in combination with pink. Light purple pairs well with many any color, including both light and dusty shades.

French Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses

A grey-toned purple, French Lilac is a sophisticated color. This elegant hue is effective year-round, and it is easy to pair with any metallic.

Violet Bridesmaid Dresses

A vibrant hue of purple, violet is bright and bold. With the perfect balance of red and blue hues, it's an especially luxurious color. Violet bridesmaid gowns are one of our all-time favorites!

Let’s Chat!

You can't ever go wrong with purple bridesmaid gowns! With so many different shades to select from, there's something for every bride. At FeelTimes, we provide a wide choice of flattering styles and colors. So that regardless if you are planning a warm or cool weather wedding, you can easily produce a one-of-a-kind purple bridesmaid fall into line.


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