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How to: Dress your Flower Girls and children for a wedding

Is there anything cuter than flower girls, all decked out with their baskets prepared to scatter petals on the aisle? In our humble opinion, nothing sets the scene better and preps your guests for the main event. Your summer wedding isn’t complete without your flower girls and children, so here are some suggestions on dressing them for the big day. All of our dresses are made lovingly for the miniature stars from the show and using their comfort in mind, and here’s a number of our faves. Girls Pleat Bodice Satin Finish Dress This little number may have your flower girls feeling like flower fairies. It’s nice and simple, fuss-free however in this beautiful green may have maximum impact walking on the aisle. We have this exact shape in several different shades, so regardless of the theme of the wedding, you’re certain to find one to match and suit your aesthetics perfectly! Girls Contrast 3D Floral Tutu Dress Picture your flower girls, all holding hands walking into the wed

Red is perfect for Romance: 5 red bridesmaid gowns for your dream wedding

When you are looking at your wedding, the very first colours which come to mind are whites, pinks or perhaps subtle champagne. However, we believe a shade of red may bring a bright, passionate tone to your ceremony. To help you get some idea from the variety available, we’ve got together five in our favourite red bridesmaid gowns. Pleated midi dress With a deep berry hue along with a plunging neckline, the stunning pleated midi dress is ideal for those leafy summer weddings. The pleated design imbues the gown with some contemporary charm, all while keeping a timeless feel. If you’re searching for a deeper shade of red, this pleated midi dress is the perfect choice for the bridal party. High neck lace bodycon Looking for something having a more traditional feel? The exquisite lace craftsmanship of the beautiful bodycon dress has got the potential to be considered a show stopper. The high-neck design that comes having bodycon dress supplies is perfectly suitable for brides

10 Tips to Help You Choose a Perfect Prom Dress

Prom season is coming. Everybody wants to appear astounding around the prom night. Have you found an ideal prom dress for the event? If not, wish to consider giving you some advice to get your prom dress. 1. Do your quest before you go First, you need to know the big event date, prom theme, and also dress code. Be aware that cut-outs, backless gowns, and short dresses aren't allowed in certain school events. Next, acquire some inspiration by checking the trends in magazines and around the internet. Also, speak to your friends and acquire some ideas from their store. 2. Leave yourself plenty of time You ought to be in narrowing down your prom dress choices about 6 weeks before the date from the prom. This will provide you with plenty of time to possess any alterations designed to your dress that may be needed. More time also enables you to change your plans suddenly if the need arises. 3. Set up a financial budget Since you’ve already done your quest, you ought to hav

What to prevent when picking out a bridesmaid dress

The bridesmaid is yet another beautiful scenery around the wedding, therefore the bridesmaids’ makeup also needs special attention, particularly the selection of the gown. As the bride, you will find the duty and pick out the bridesmaid gowns for them. You may feel worried, there surely some things need to be considered. Avoid over-budget If there is no limit on the budget, then you may consider purchasing bridesmaid gowns for your pals. But if you need to do need all of them to through the dresses themselves, you must consider the feelings from the women standing in the wedding, and steer clear of going for whatever you know will break someone’s budget. Avoid self-assertion When you begin to pick the bridesmaid gowns, the initial step you can do is to speak and talk to your bridesmaids. Telling them the wedding color theme, and selecting the dresses to commensurate the wedding dress, particularly in the color. When you are inside a red dress, the bridesmaids shouldn'

Why You Need JY Jenny Yoo For Your Bridesmaid Dresses This Fall!

We recently launched our newest type of bridesmaid dresses, the JY Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Collection. Jenny Yoo is definitely an internationally recognized designer and it has partnered with The Dessy Group and it has designed a collection of bridesmiad gowns that are inspired by the latest fashions and the modern bride. This collection is ideal for both the bride and bridesmaid who would like to wear her dress again for other special occasions. Aside all of that, below are some other reasons we believe you will just absolutely adore this collection! We're Loving the Lace: Whether it's within the smallest information on a dress or it's the entire dress, lace definitely should make its debut at the wedding this fall! When it comes to these components for our bridesmiad gowns, it is so hard to choose only one  wedding dresses ! (Who says you need to? Mix and match!) Left to Right: JY509, JY502, JY507,JY510 Simple Looks for Other Occasions: You may be looking over

Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dress Style

Bridesmaids would be the people that help you to get ready for your big day, which are awake and open to run those last-minute wedding errands, and who proudly uphold your side while you say “I do”. Bridesmaids also play an essential aesthetic role in your big day. With this in your mind, choosing the proper bridesmaid dress style is essential. The bridesmaid dress styles that you simply choose can help set the visual tone for the entire wedding making this a choice you need to spend some time on. We’re here to assist guide you through this decision. Should I Match  bridesmaid dresses  or Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses? This question may be the first thing you will have to decide on when you are looking at your bridesmaids’ attire. Traditionally, brides choose a matching aesthetic for their wedding ceremonies. While this tradition continues to be common practice, modern brides happen to be experimenting with combined styles. There are pros to both approaches: Pros for M


Weddings are not only seen as the most highlighted event in anyone’s life. They are without doubt probably the most fun experience for those members involved. The best part – shopping spree for that wedding gowns and bridesmaid gowns! From lace wedding gown designs to vintage and ball gowns, one reaches try them all to obtain the perfect fit! However, you won’t have to run around anywhere, as we’ve got exactly what you have to find that perfect bridesmaid dress. Picking the Impeccable Bridesmaid Dresses Selecting the perfect bridesmaid gowns for your girlfriends is as important as choosing your wedding gown. When out looking for a bridesmaid dress, make sure to find something which will balance the next three areas: 1. Waist – This is located between your ribcage and also the hips, and also the narrowest area of the torso. You can measure this part, just over the belly button or even the navel. 2. Bust – In other words, this can be a woman’s chest around the breasts. Thi


Prom is a milestone event within the life of any little lady and being dressed within the best attire on that night may be the main focus of every one of them. For the entire year 2022, the greatest trends in prom dresses vary from glitzy metallic drapes to stunning backless gowns and revolve around hues varying from muted and pastel shades to vibrant deep greens and hot sexy pinks. Do Your Magic with Metallic Shine Ostentatious is within; so blaze the red carpet inside a shiny dress embellished with brocade or sequins. Steel greys and silver, as well as flashy gold and bronze, would be the show stoppers so when combined with embellishments, you've got a dress that's opulent and graceful. Stun the Crowd with Backless Dresses A backless gown may be the hottest method to show off some skin without having to be too overt about this. You can get the necessary sophistication with prom dresses that have sheer overlays, illusion designs adorned with applique and crysta


We are all aware of how special prom night is, and selecting the right prom dress is a source of stress for those who have no idea where to start with. And in case you’re unsure what type of dress you need in the first place, we prepared several suggestions that should help you out of trouble. Those would be the kind of dresses that are chic, timeless, and simple to style having a variety of accessories. The A-Line Dress If you’re targeting that classic, glamorous look, a red/burgundy dress is exactly what you should search for. We recommend an A-line floor-length dress, having a simple structure. For a sexier vibe, details for example an open back or perhaps a V-neck is going to do the trick, without having to be too revealing. The Princess Dress An A-line chiffon dress, decorated with tiny beadings on top. The details are subtle yet very elegant and finish the look beautifully. Search for shades for example dusty pink, champagne, or lavender as those favors this delica


A  prom dresses  is among the most important times of any bride’s life. Every bride really wants to look nothing under perfect and special on her behalf special day. Having a romantic wedding gown is a imagine nine from ten brides every time they think about the word wedding. They want a romantic wedding gown mainly to invoke just as much romantic time as you possibly can when they are in that wedding gown. Designers around the globe firmly think that a classic mixture of older vintage style with elegant accessories can successfully bring the perfect romantic wedding gowns for the bride. Why do romantic dresses top the options chart of each bride? The first of all reason of romantic wedding gown is the very first choice of each bride is the fact that in such dresses, an A-line dress piece will certainly make you look slender and all sorts of the more appealing while big skirt won't give a good contrast to the torso but also add an ideal touch of feminism and flattering


Fall special day dresses for example wedding guest dresses, cocktail or party dresses, and formal or evening dresses aren't so easy to select. From several materials, colors, and fits, you can feel overwhelmed. Sequined Fabric Evening Dresses Sequins will always be on-trend, they're timeless. These kinds of dresses are ideal for all kinds of evening celebrations. You need to select the dresses with sequin details that appear to be sophisticated. Try to stay with neutral and dark colors – deep blue, black, burgundy, and gold. Most maxi dresses are created for weddings, but you can still put them on special attractions. These fascinating sequined dresses have formfitting silhouettes. Fashioned with sequined fabric, the flirty V-necklines and complementing high slits splendidly create an awe-inspiring look. Eye-Catching Appliques Lace on Dresses Most fashionista girls wish to stand out from everyone else. Some would choose eye-catching makeup as the others would put

Here comes mom of the bride to be

Your daughter’s big day can prove much more emotional than your personal; the kid you nurtured throughout childhood and into life is growing her wings and flying the nest permanently. It’s important, about this most special of occasions, that you simply look and  feeltimes dresses  your very best so that you simply can guide your daughter through her day. The dress you select will be featured on mantelpieces and dining area walls for a long time, which means you should invest time into making the best choice. Get an impartial opinion It can be challenging to coordinate using the bridesmaids, mom of the groom, and also the bride herself but still find a dress that expresses your personality. It’s worth engaging a great personal shopper; a genuine opinion can help you look for a dress that accentuates your figure and sits comfortably amongst all of the outfits within the bridal party. A second opinion means there’ll be no nasty surprises once the pictures return after the ho

How to Match Your Bridesmaid Dresses With Your Wedding Style

So you need to find the perfect bridesmaid gowns? Your girls play an enormous part inside your big day — they’re in a lot of pictures, they’ll stand beside you in the alter, they’ll be sitting front and center at the head table — so ensuring they fit along with the theme from the wedding, is super important! Now, I understand that there is a lot that adopts choosing your bridesmaid gowns. From color, style, price, and size range, locating the gowns isn’t easy. It may be super tricky! If you’re planning for a rustic affair, may it be on a farm, inside a barn, or perhaps a more formal venue, short lace bridesmaid gowns are the approach to take! For a much more rustic chic look, combine different all-lace dresses with lace tops, chiffon styles that the girls will love! If you’re feeling much more daring, mix up different complementary colors within the same color family for any rustic look. A vintage glam wedding is fabulous in each way, and also the bridesmaids aren't a

Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses With These 3 Unique Ways

By now, you’ve probably checked out countless photos on the internet and in magazines of mismatched looks. Some are so classy and discreet that you might not have even realized that they weren’t different dresses towards the end of the spectrum where most people are indifferent looks. Same Dress, Different Necklines This is a straightforward and pretty discreet method of pulling off combine bridesmaid dresses. You choose the gown style that you simply love, your primary colors after which have each girl chooses a neckline that’s most flattering and comfy for her shape! For instance, let your girls know that you simply want all-long, chiffon bridesmaid gowns by FeelTimes in navy. From there, there is a wide variety of various necklines to select from, from strapless to halter, to v-neck, to criss-cross! Same Color, Different Dress Make certain to be transparent together with your girls that you simply want the same color, but provide them with total flexibility using thei

Tips for Coordinating Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

One wedding trend that people don’t foresee going anywhere is mismatched bridesmaid gowns. Granted developing a mismatched wedding party isn’t always as simple as it sounds. This is why we’re here that will help you learn about all the various ways to combine and match bridesmaid gowns! Types of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses There is much more to mix and match bridesmaid gowns than letting your girls grab their personal favorites. You will find three methods to pull off mismatched bridesmaid gowns. The most widely used are different style bridesmaid gowns in the same color. Next differs color bridesmaid gowns but within the same style. And last but not even close to least, different bridesmaid dress colors and styles. Bridesmaids with Different Style Dresses (Same Color!) The most typical type of combined bridal party features different dress styles but within the same color. It’s ideal for when you adore a wedding color but want the most popular mismatched look. This opt

2022 Wedding Colors for Every Season

When you are looking at picking out wedding colors, pinpointing which colors you need to go with may be one of the hardest decisions made throughout the entire  wedding dresses  process. Lucky for you we've helped a lot of brides and bridesmaids find their perfect colors for his or her weddings, and today we're here to provide our expertise free of charge in this blog! 2022 Fall Wedding Colors If you are looking to keep things easy and sweet for the fall wedding, you honestly can't fail with Latte. Latte is an easy color to include with any palette. All of your ladies will appear elegant without looking boring. Pair Latte having a soft pink along with a variety of greens to have an elegant and trendy wedding. Deep hues of reds and purples look so stunning from the backdrop from the fall season. Pinks, cream, and greens pair beautifully with this particular color, and I also love how beautiful gold looks alongside this color too! 2022 Winter Wedding Colors Nav

On Trend: Perfectly Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

We never tire of purple bridesmaid gowns! With so many different tones of purple, there are numerous ways to create an on-trend wedding palette. Unsure whether this color would suit the aesthetic you are going for? Fear not! There are many different methods you can combine our purple bridesmaid gowns to showcase this color on your big day! Check out all of our purple-colored bridesmaid gowns, plus acquire some tips on how to make use of this color inside your wedding. Why We’re Loving Purple  bridesmaid dresses Purple maybe the color of royalty! On the romance scale, it's also a close sister to pink. This stunning color is rich and luxurious and works both in vibrant and much more toned-down wedding schemes. At FeelTimes, we provide a large choice of purple-colored bridesmaid gowns. By choosing shades and hues which include a range of warm and cool tones, we focus on several brides. We want to allow you to incorporate purple into your wedding palette, regardless of th

Stunning Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Season

bridesmaid dresses  trends are ever-evolving, much like popular wedding themes. The latest trend involves a touch of old Hollywood glamour: sequins! Sequin bridesmaid gowns look stunning year-round, but especially at winter weddings. They lend a feeling of elegance and opulence that merely can’t be beaten. Not to mention they create the color from the dress! At FeelTimes, we’re delivering a luxe search for less! We are excited to announce our new type of affordable sequin bridesmaid gowns. These designs can be found in 5 timeless colors; gold, rose gold, burgundy, navy, and silver. With inclusive sizing from 00-32, our designs are created to flatter women of every shape. That’s right - we feature plus-size sequin bridesmaid gowns too! As always, they include pockets - because we all know you love them. Keep reading to obtain a look at all of our sparkly sequin bridesmaid gowns, not far off! Trending Sparkly Bridesmaid Dress Colors For the sequin bridesmaid dress launch, Fe

Six methods to say yes to the brides' dress

Many brides are unprepared for the decisions that include wedding planning. The gown may be the central purchase, and also you usually don’t even reach discuss it with your intended as it’s traditionally a surprise. Here’s our help guide to wedding dress shopping to ensure you begin on the right foot. Start early Wedding gowns take a long time to create – beading, embroidery and all sorts of that intricate stitching don’t just appear and it’s rare to show up in a boutique and go out with a frock. You’ll have to allow for any lead time, therefore the earlier you begin your search for the dress, the greater. Preconceived ideas Don’t be too hasty or get into your research phase having a closed mind. You may have a concept of what you want when you initially go dress shopping. Remember though, simply because it worked for any celebrity, it might not work for you, your shape, or perhaps your theme. Take advice Likely, you’ve not shopped for your wedding gown before so you’re

Spring 2022 Mystique Collection Reveal

Yesterday, we revealed our Spring 2022 Mystique Collection! Designed to intrigue and fascinate your sense, the Mystique Collection captivates the special moment within all of our brides and fulfill their most special big daydreams. No two brides are identical and no two love stories are identical, so we’ve added unique touches of mystery and mesmerizing details to each one of our gowns. Meant to embody the mystery and romance of falling in love, here’s a sneak peek at our Mystique Collection! It may have you spellbound together with her unexpected elegance and risqué details! Bold floral embroidered appliqués shine around the patterned sequin fit and flare. Statement elements such as the illusion, lace-up sides, and pointed train get this dress totally unique. This is really a classically romantic gown within an ultra-flattering A-line silhouette, but tradition stops there. Madeline takes this dress one stage further with the unconventional utilization of layered lace over