Wedding Guests: What to Wear to some Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are magical — nature is within full bloom, days are full of sunshine and nights are warm and supply the ultimate climate for outdoor dancing and celebration. There are few things much better than watching all your family members say “I do” in the summertime sun, however, you may find yourself baffled trying to puzzle out what to wear to some summer wedding.

Before you decide to go down a web-based shopping rabbit hole, have a breath and let FeelTimes walk you through the dos and don'ts of summer wedding attire.

Summer Wedding Attire Dos:

Nailing a good summer wedding guest outfit is less difficult than you believe. All it takes is some thought, coordination, and old-fashioned planning. At FeelTimes, we like to consider ourselves as wedding look experts. To assist you to perfect the skill of summer wedding outfit selection, we’ve come up with this simple (and fun) guide:

From salty to stunning: Beach weddings create a fascinating mix of “love the setting, fear the sand” emotions. Beaches allow for breathtaking wedding scapes, but all that sand can wreak havoc on a great dress if you appear unprepared. When attending a seaside wedding come July 1st, search for dresses see how to avoid colors (they create rogue sand less obvious) and shorter lengths. You want something which stops several inches above your ankle (think tea-length) to prevent picking up sand while you walk, dance and move.

Colorful and carefree: Summer is NOT the time to tone things down. Summer weddings usually feature bright, vibrant landscapes. Deep blue oceans, bright flowers, blooming plants, and sunshine appear to illuminate everything it touches. When looking at summer wedding dresses guest outfit ideas, search for bright, cheerful hues.

Be smart about your sleeves: Summer weddings practically demand short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses. While we like a chic sleeveless look, from air conditioning to decorate codes may need a stylish cover-up.

Always be ready for rain: Even the most well-planned weddings need to contend with the sporadic rainstorm or inclement weather. When planning your summer wedding outfit, always leave room for chance encounters with wet weather. Select a dress that will work with flats or with heels, in the event you need to go the flats route to prevent sinking into grass inside a damp outdoor summer ceremony situation. Also, don’t forget that any accessory can be created stylish and trendy, even an umbrella.

Go with customizable options: Ok, we'll admit, we're biased here. But for a valid reason. At FeelTimes, we're big believers in the magic of made-to-order fashion. Our operating model is: we handle the designs, you are taking care of the finishing touches. Everything from sleeve type and length to neckline is determined by you, creating a dress-up costume that is unique and private.

At FeelTimes, there aren't many things we like more than summer wedding gown season. Our made-to-order dresses provide you with the final say over the appearance, feel, and of your outfit. We design the dresses and also you add the finishing touches — like neckline, length, and sleeve type — to make it you're personal. Our dresses are not only seen customizable, but they’re also gentler on earth since we consume and convey much less than ready-made brands.

Live life towards the fullest, dress as if you mean it.


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