Should You Have Dark Colored Bridesmaid Dresses At Your Spring Wedding?

The immediate response is you can do anything you want! It's your wedding, in the end. However, throughout the spring, brides often lean towards pastels or simply brighter life-like colors.

Dark colors are traditionally restricted to fall and winter weddings. But these days it would appear that brides are breaking away from tradition and doing whatever color they decide for their wedding.

A fantastic way to have dark dresses but incorporate spring if you're worried about the colors being darker and uneven is by incorporating light flowers or similar lighter colors which are similar to the dark color of your choice.

We suggest that you go dark together with your dress colors should you lean towards an evening wedding. Dark colors are ideal for a wedding at night.

Also if you're considering a dark color for the bridesmaid dresses, you will need to take fabrics into thinking. Darker colors like black for instance may not fit those weather temperatures.

Keep in mind you will need to find colors dark or else that look best on all of your bridesmaids. While you wish to pick colors you want, you will need to consider your bridesmaids' skin color. Not all dark colors look great on every complexion, so be alert to that.

Some flattering dark colors are deep purples, black (that's universal) deep reds, dark navy are great choices for dark colors.


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