Is This The Mother Of The Bride Role Model Of All Time?

You're a stylish, sophisticated lady and it is your daughter's special day. Which is simply wonderful. Except you're thinking. WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WEAR?

Well, don't panic. There are some wonderful mothers from the bride role models available who within our opinion got the special day right and dressed the part to perfection.

We Salute You, Carole Middleton!

Carole Middleton (mother of Duchess Kate and sister Pippa Middleton). Okay, so she could have a larger bank balance compared to the average mother from the bride but that does not necessarily give someone taste and elegance (although in her case she's both in spades and, like a role model based on how the older woman looks, we do not think she puts a foot wrong really).

Carole got numerous things right on her daughters' wedding days, namely:

She avoided layers of shiny silk

She did not have a complicated hair-do

She didn't overload on the make-up (bright red lipstick etc.)

She looked comfortable and true to herself. Sure, she's in great shape but she will have enhanced her good points and disguised unhealthy.

She gets tailoring. Her outfits fitted her beautifully. Her jackets fitted her just like a glove, the skirts were the perfect length and fit - much less loose, much less tight.

She forgot about on-trend fashion. Carole went for classic styling, so these wedding pictures aren't likely to date shortly.

She embraced pastels. She wore pale blue for just one wedding and pale pink for an additional. Both shades flattered her complexion completely.

Rules For The Mother Of The prom dresses

Don't wear white or cream (yes we all know, it's obvious, but you would be surprised ...)

Don't wear a plunging neckline in an afternoon wedding (become an evening dress for an evening party)

Don't allow yourself to be pigeonholed right into a 'mother from the bride' outfit. Have a look at movie stars of a similar age and find out what they're wearing. Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep often get it right.

If you believe you look better in trousers, then put them on. Just make sure they're tailored and worn having a well-cut jacket.

Don't wear an over-large hat - individuals will want to see the face in the pictures.

If you're buying off-the-peg, then consider getting your outfit altered. A good dressmaker or seamstress will alter a typical fit to suit you perfectly and it is well worth spending the cash on a few alterations.

If you aren't happy to show your upper arms, then think about a dress with lace sleeves - that will flatter and disguise. Bracelet length sleeves are usually the most flattering.

Department stores are great places to look because they have a very good and varied selection. However, a boutique is much more personal and also has limited designs (which means you don't run the risk of another person wearing the same outfit!)

Alternatively, you may want to check out the new selection of dresses at FeelTimes, which feature lace and therefore are super elegant.


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