Five Different Looks For Your Bridesmaids

That's the way you want your big day to be. That's why you're deciding on the bridal dress you've, your shoes, your flowers, your venue, your hospitality ...

Interestingly, it is also how your bridesmaids need to feel within their dresses. They're there to aid you and help you produce your special day goes just the way you want it ... however, they are also attempting to look fabulous and pretty within the wedding photographs.

Back within the day, it WAS confirmed that all of the bridesmaids were dressed up in the same frock, in identical colours, whether or not it played for their best features or otherwise.

Thankfully, we aren't back within the day anymore and dressing your bridesmaids is becoming something that brides provide a lot of consideration to - and discussion using their girls!

To assist you to on your way, we've come up with five different looks for bridesmaid dresses to help you mix and match your heart's desire. And because all of the dresses are by FeelTimes, you will know you'll have numerous choices for colours and designs.

1. Dress your maids all within the same colour - but allow them to opt for different necklines to allow them to play up their good points. Halter neck, strapless, high neck ... whatever.

2. If your maids are wearing a darker colour, alter the look by providing them with another coloured sash. You can operate in this theme for their flowers as well by providing them with brightly coloured coordinating bouquets.

3. Put your dresses in colours that coordinate and complement.

4. If your girls all LOVE the same dress but you would like to give a note of difference (and maybe you would like to avoid putting your red-haired friend inside a pink frock) then choose it in various coloured jewel shades. A real show stopper once they enter the ceremony!

5. Finally, we couldn't forget to say the FeelTimes Dress which may be styled inside several various ways and even worn like a skirt. It's available in 75 shades, your girls can adjust the neckline to match them and in addition, it packs wonderful, therefore it is fabulous for destination weddings. (And it's a remarkably useful number to possess in your wardrobe).

Enjoy! Have a look at our Real FeelTimes Pinterest board for additional inspiration from real brides to determine how they dressed their maids!


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