If there’s something we can all agree with it’s that people LOVE outfit options! And if you would like options when looking for bridesmaids' dresses, you’re fortunate. Meet your brand-new best friend: The convertible bridesmaid dress! You can even find options on things to call it: It’s also called an “infinity dress,” “multiway dress,” or “wrap dress." It allows every bridesmaid to put on the same outfit … while styling it to their personal preferences. So “get in losers,” we’re going shopping. Buckle up and browse along for any complete guide around the many ways to put on a convertible bridesmaid maxi dress.


Here’s what you need to know: A convertible maxi is a full-length dress having a long bit of fabric that hangs in the waist. You can style this design in several different ways. They come inside a variety of different colors, textures, and designs — from floor-length ball gowns with sequins to more casual maxi skirts. And, they’re obtainable in every fabric imaginable. Chiffon, tulle, rayon — even spandex. These prom dresses could be simple, sophisticated, dramatic, or boho.


Are you the Molly Ringwald from the Breakfast Club? Well if that's the case, this one's for you. It’s one of the prettiest — and easiest — ways to put on a convertible dress. It creates the illusion of the long sleeve somewhere, giving your thing tasteful asymmetry. Start with both from the straps draped over each shoulder, then pull one diagonally over the body to ensure that they’re on the same side. Give them a twist or two to ensure that they're secure, then wrap the surplus fabric around your waist. Tie it right in front, around the side, within the back, or nevertheless, you feel most comfortable!


For a T-back twist, place one strap over each shoulder and twist them inward. When you're able to the back from the neck, start twisting them together. The T-strap will go all the way down towards the waist, or you can stop it mid-way on the back. Once you’ve gotten it towards the length you would like, just wrap the straps around the waist and tie them right into a bow within the back.


Drape the straps over each shoulder and spread the material out to ensure that it covers the top from the shoulders. Crisscross the panels at the spine, wrap the straps around the waist, and tie them together behind you. Want a little more coverage? Fan the straps out and down within the back to ensure that all of your skin stays in the assigned seats.


What a vintage. After all, you can't ever falter having a halter! So ladies, to do this start with one strap over each shoulder, then crisscross each one of these over the opposite shoulder to produce a chic front twist. Depending on how much texture you would like, you can twist the straps or drape them. You can tie them at the rear of your neck, or cross them around your waist and tie them right into a bow in the waistband.


Okay, for the crafty ladies available — this one’s a bit tricky, but classic and stunning nonetheless: Start by crisscrossing the straps in the waist 2 times. Pull the material up to cover the bust, then pull the straps around the back. Then, pull them around your waist. Tie them in the back right into a simple knot or perhaps a pretty bow!


Perhaps the simplest of all from the options (and also the most graceful, too): the sleeveless silhouette — it's just three easy steps. Put one strap over each shoulder, criss-cross them at the spine, wrap them around the waist, and tie them. It’s no real surprise that this is a popular wedding look — pulling it off is a piece of cake!


This is a slight variation around the sleeveless silhouette, but if you would like to accentuate your waist, this one’s for you! Place one strap over each shoulder, cross them at the spine, after which crisscross them right in front — twice. The second cross forms a sort of chain link, which results in a cool buckle effect. Wrap them around the back and tie them together to accomplish the look!


The convertible dress is one of the most versatile and inclusive gowns you can buy, with countless methods to make it look beautiful. If you will be a pregnant ‘maid, the convertible maxi gown constitutes a great maternity bridesmaids dress!

In short: This is a great selection for almost any wedding party. With a convertible dress, each member from the bridal party can create the appearance and fit that they feel comfortable and delightful in!Click


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