Wedding Favors: Gifts Your Guests Will Love

Wedding Favors: Gifts Your Guests Will Love

When it’s time for you to plan the wedding, you need to create an experience that guests will love and remember. Long after the dance music stops, the wedding cake is gone and also the open bar is closed, you need to leave your friends and relatives with a fun memento to consider home together. Although some people may love knickknacks, other medication is more likely to discard a wedding party favor that’s not useful. The more creative, personalized or practical the wedding party favor is though, the much more likely guests is to keep it. Here are some wedding favor ideas which will inspire you to definitely send guests off having a gift that keeps on giving.

Green Wedding Favors

Guests always appreciate an edible gift, particularly if it’s something they are able to use repeatedly. Consider generating a loose leaf tea bar, with various types of tea they are able to brew in your own home, for example chamomile or peppermint. Vanilla extract is yet another great wedding favor idea, as they are able to use it for recipes they made throughout every season. You can even attach a recipe towards the vanilla extract bottle, for example one for any dessert you served at the wedding. Guests having a green thumb may also enjoy receiving something they are able to plant in their own individual backyard, like flower seeds.

Wine & Spirits

Guests who wish to keep the party going will celebrate once they receive a wine-themed party favor. For those who are of legal drinking age, think about a mini wine bottle having a custom wine label. The label could feature an engagement photo individuals and your fiancé, together with playful text for example “Anthony and Irene: The perfect blend.” Another creative wedding favor might be a wine stopper that’s related to the wedding theme. For a travel-themed wedding, for instance, you can give guests a globe wine stopper.

Practical Wedding Favors

Everyone enjoys a thoughtful gift, especially one which makes their lives easier. If you’re hosting a seaside wedding, omit two pales of flip-flops (one for men and one for females) for guests to consider and wear throughout the reception. They’re an ideal way to set the tone for any fun outdoor venue and encourage guests to unwind. For a more formal setting, matches or perhaps a scented candle are helpful wedding favor ideas that may still be creative. You could have a cute tagline around the match box for example, “Jolene and Milo: The perfect match.”

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