The Art of Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

At Feeltimes, we feel in cultivating creativity, individuality and freedom to feel great in what you wear for that big day.

Bridesmaid trends are ever-evolving, and uniformity in styles isn’t necessarily the go-to trend anymore.

With our Field of Dreams lookbook, we’ve showcased a brand new wave of bridesmaid apparel to provide you with inspo to combine and match different colors, styles and fabrics.

Aside from style inspiration, we aimed to invoke feeling in to the wedding planning process.

“Feeltimesis about happiness, friends and family. I desired to capture joyous moments that invoke the carefree, freedom feeling I have been cultivating during my life.”

Together, Michelle and Creative Director, Dana Meador, made a lookbook for connecting with and inspire brides.

“My hope ended up being to blend our styles together in a number of fabrics and colors to showcase the skill of mix-and-matching.” Dana Meador.


Mix-and-matching has several meanings nowadays. What was previously just different dress styles has evolved into blending different colors and fabrics too.

At Feeltimes, we feel there are no rules with regards to curating your wedding party.

But, the task we often hear is, “how do I mix-and-match bridesmaid styles in a manner that still goes together?”

Look no further.

In our lookbook, we’ve showcased all of the ways to get creative or more your mix-and-match game.

“The initial step,” says Feeltimes Creative Director, Dana Meador, “is to pick your favorite colors. Our swatch booklet is the best start to finding your preferred colors. Then you can start what fabric and elegance you love.”

Once you choose your wedding colors, it’s time for you to get creative.

Here’s how:

Blending fabrics and prints within the same palette:

For our cover shot, we made a decision to run having a blush palette. We paired our blush floral chiffon with shades of blush chiffon and velvet.

“We really desired to push the envelope using what we've shown before. We mixed traditionally seasonal fabrics together because there aren't any rules,” says Michelle.

Despite what some may say, velvet isn’t only for fall and winter weddings. We’ve showcased a way to combine-and-match velvet right into a dreamy, spring wedding look.

Creating ombres.

Many brides love the aesthetically-pleasing look of various shades of the identical hue, or once we like to call, the ombre wedding palette.

In our lookbook, we’ve showcased how you can achieve ombre within the same style (our Josephine dress yourself in Blues) and mixed styles.

We paired from the shoulder, flowy styles to produce a timeless, boho vibe in burgundy.

Again, the very first tip would be to pick your preferred color and range from there.

“By staying within the same block of colors on our swatch pages, it is simple to achieve ombre with any scheme you’re loving,” says our Creative Director, Dana.

Same color, different styles.

If you want more of the classic wedding look having a single color, you are able to still mix-and-match by different styles.

Our Rosalie Convertible dress could be tied countless methods to give a twist on uniformity.

Here, we’ve tied it three in our most popular ways, showcasing diversity in fashion.

A slight differentiation in fashion can make each girl inside your crew feel unique.

You may also choose different silhouettes within the same color to exhibit variety. At Feeltimes, we have seen several brides allow their crew to choose a style that best flatters their body type.

Here, we’ve styled our best-selling rose gold sequin dresses in three different dresses.

Remember, there aren't any rules.

No matter what the wedding vibe is, you are able to achieve a mix-and-match bridesmaid turn to bring how well you see to life.

There truly isn't any "right way" to combine-and-match, so run wild and obtain color happy.

Go ahead, have a peek. See more in our Spring 2022 Lookbook whenever you click here.

More concerning the making in our lookbook...

We sat down with Michelle, Designer and CEO, and Creative Director, Dana Meador, to speak through the making in our 2022 Lookbook.


Michelle: For me, Feeltimes is all about happiness, friends and family and I desired to capture joyous moments that capture the carefree freedom feeling I have been cultivating during my life.


Michelle: Our expect this lookbook is the fact that brides get all of the feels along with a sense of relief that they've finally found what they're searching for --not just from the product perspective, but a sense they get from your brand.

Dana: We desired to produce a number of group styles that brides could adore!


Dana: Michelle and I enjoyed pulling all of our different colors and fabrics. We desired to highlight the number of options a bride could create on her wedding. I personally love how effortless it would be to blend all of our colors and styles together. At Feeltimes , you are able to really run wild with endless choices for your bridesmaids.


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