Calm, Ethereal & Romantic Lake Como Wedding Inspiration

Ever since our post about keeping calm in your wedding day I’ve been dreaming about a white one-piece on and on for a relaxing swim the morning in our wedding. Then, this romantic, ethereal styled shoot from Lake Como appeared before me confirming how dreamy and calming the concept would be.

Valentina Oprandi photographed this gorgeous wedding inspiration with your care and precision. From the stunning detail oriented garb, towards the light florals that match this kind of ethereal scene.

The greys and lightweight blues within the stationery and florals blend in to the misty colors of Lake Como, and complement the groom’s stunning blue suit perfectly. To say the bride’s white kimono may be the next tier for bridal robes is definitely an understatement, I think people need to take note all the Japanese grandmothers around the globe.

A Story from Valentina Oprandi

The go back to one’s own origins has me overwhelmed during the most significant moments within our lives.

Mei has always heard to stories about her homeland from her grandparents, since she would be a little girl. Her grandmother always informed her about the worth of traditional clothes, about how exactly important the option of the right fabric is and it is symbolic meaning. She always informed her how nature, in Japan, merged right into a whole using the traditional houses and just how the relation with nature gave a complete peace to someone’s soul. But Mei was created and raised in America, and she or he could only imagine those Japanese traditions.

Collin and her dreamed forever to obtain their wedding in Italy.

They wanted a location where nature could embrace them in a hug. Lake Como, using its hills, the mist and also the blue from the water that highlights everything, allow her to think about what her grandmother accustomed to tell her in her own stories and which gave her an enormous satisfaction and fulfilled her dreams.

Before the marriage, Mei wore her mother’s Kimono and she or he refreshed herself within the crystal clear lake water. The Island, a combination between nature and tradition, was the setting using that unforgettable day.

The first encounter between Mei and Collin was between the ruins from the island, several steps from the location chosen for that ceremony. Set within the crypt, a semicircle was made by greenery and flowers, candles and lightweight blue silk. A semicircle round the newlywed symbolizing an embrace around them.

The reception tables were set up within the ruins. It created a stylish, but simultaneously new, style. A light, long tablecloth glided within the stones, the mise en place was full of pewter dishes and glasses and vintage goods from Bottega di Corte. Placeholders with fabric, hand-painted calligraphy by Poeticalligraphy, hand-dyed napkins were all incorporated with many candlesticks and lighted candles.

The Details

The florist Chiara Sperti decorated the scene having a centerpiece of pastel colored flowers. The bride’s bouquet also had pastel colors for example light blue, pink, a combination of dried and fresh flowers, similar towards the table’s flowers.

The bride’s dress was created by FeelTimes, an outfit full of details (flowers and beads) around the bodice, along with a skirt that falls smooth with simplicity, following a body’s lines. The kimono that Mei wears is within lace and designed as tradition requires.

For the stationery, we used grey stone paper, transparent tissue and white cotton paper. Elements originating from nature were included, hand-painted with grey ink. The “Save the Date” includes two sheets: the very first in cotton paper having a painting from the location with watercolors, and also the upper part in vellum paper having a grey calligraphy.


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