Your Complete Guide To Having A Small Wedding

When it comes to your special day, bigger isn't always better. Sure, a big wedding might be the perfect excuse to go all out with a lavish affair, but a smaller and more intimate affair has its fair share of perks as well:

It's less stressful. Let's face it, seating charts can be SUPER stressful. A shorter guest list usually means less drama over who has to sit where.

It may be less expensive. Don't want to go into debt over a wedding? We don't blame you! A small wedding can be an affordable option for couples who are footing the entire bill themselves.

You'll know everyone. A small wedding means that only your nearest and dearest friends and family will be in attendance. In other words, there's no need to practice your omg-I-have-no-idea-who-is-this-smile before your big day.

Bridesmaid shopping will be way easier. This is fairly self-explanatory. It's so much less stressful to pick out bridesmaid dresses when you don't have six to 10 different body shapes, budgets and style preferences to keep in mind!

You'll have less thank you notes to write. Trust us, your hand will thank you for this small mercy.

Honestly, we could go on forever, but we're sure that you already know the perks of having a small wedding. After all, that's why you're considering it in the first place, isn't it?

While opting for low-key nuptials can make planning a wedding easier in some ways, that doesn't mean you get to coast through the entire process. If you want to keep the guest count low and the “wow” factor high, consider this your go-to guide on how to have a small wedding celebration that is uniquely you.


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