The majority of the fabric used by Nissen consists of donated wedding dresses.

“I’ve gotten dresses from women who’ve lost babies and want to help other families. I’ve got dresses from women that are divorced and don’t want to see that dress in their closet anymore. I’ve got dresses from people that have kept their dresses and were married in 1970 like I was and decided they just didn’t want them in their closet anymore,” Nissen said.

While she finds use for other types of dresses such as prom and bridesmaid dresses, Nissen says there is a significance to the use of wedding dresses in particular.

“These babies deserve to be dressed in a wonderful outfit — this gown that you bury your child in, this fabric was used on a day where there was joy and love thick in the air, and so then this gown was given in love to someone who sews, and the person who sews sewed it with love. So your child is wrapped — this fabric is wrapped in love for your child,” Nissen said.


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