How to dress for your beach wedding

 Have you ever dreamed of wearing a dress with long train? But giving up because of your short height? For most petite girls, they must feel worries about choosing the length and style of a dress. So do I. I’m only 5ft. I had to wear a pair of shoes over 10 cm heels to match my beautiful dress. And during the event, I seldom walk or move back and forth in small steps to prevent falling. Yes, I cannot enjoy myself. And yes, I am not confidence. Fortunately, I finally find out some tips to dress myself well. Now, I will share those here.

Smile will be the best makeup. 

Most petite girls are not confidence because of their height or thin body, and they failed to find out a perfect dress for themselves, so they feel unhappy. In my option, although the overall look is much more important, complementing height defects through smile is indeed a good idea. Your smile will be the best makeup and it is much more attractive than wearing a luxurious dress. A confident smile and happy smile will make you look vibrant and energetic. 

What kind of dress will look right for different petite shapes’ girls

Petite girls often faced these problems: shoulder straps too long, shoulders too wide, bust darts wrong, neckline too low, rise in pants too deep, waist wrong, sleeves too long, hem too long, tummy, hips and thigh shape wrong. What’s your petite problem? 

If you are a petite girl with narrower shoulders and torso than hips, consider an A-line dress with spaghetti straps to highlight the waist part and flared skirt to cover the wider bottom. 

If you are a petite girl with roughly same width shoulders and hips and a defined waist, then emphasize your waist by adding a shiny belt. 

If you are a petite girl with same or wider shoulders than waist, then you could wear tops with darker color than bottom, or wear a V-neck, square neckline with flared skirts to enhance your hips to make them look proportionate to your top.

If you are petite girl with carries weight around the tummy area, this off-the-shoulder 2 pieces with high waistline seems to be a great idea. The revealing skin of shoulders and looming waist are easy to draw people’s eyes, and keep attentions on your upper body. 

If you are petite shape, a trumpet style, column dress or one with an empire waistline or high split on skirt will create the illusion of height.

Some tips for choosing a right dress for petite girls


Choose silhouette at A-line with knee level or calf length, short skirts will look better than long lengths. 

Try on A-line dresses with v neck. 

Go for Dark color schemes and blacks to solids to look perfect.

Always make sure your clothes are tailored to fit you.


Don’t wear dresses that are too detailed. Instead opt for simple, fitted dresses devoid of ruffles or full skirts as this will drown your small frame in the fabric. 

Don’t wear dress with long train as they are more suitable for tall girls.

Don’t wear too bulky dresses, or you will look more petite. 

How to choose accessories for petite girls

Accessories can also provide a quick and easy way to elongate your body. 

When it comes to necklaces, select the longer chains styles. A bold pendant at the bottom of a lengthy necklace will draw eyes downward, making your body seem longer than it actually is.

Earrings allow for another subtle way to give us a feeling of fake height– specifically dangling earrings. Going for straight styles that will create the illusion of a longer neck.

To avoid overwhelming the girls’ figures, the petite persons are supposed to dress with a smaller purses. 

What kind of shoes will look better for petite girls

While heels are an obvious way to add height, petite women can employ secret strategies to enhance the elongating effects of a heel. With a knee-length dress, your calves will be explored. Create the illusion that your shoe is an extension of your leg by selecting a pair of heels that matches the color of your skin tone.

However, if your dress is designed at long length, you can don any color footwear and still achieve a coordinating and fabulous ensemble. For summertime, go with heeled sandals. To transition this look into the fall months, you can opt for closed-toe pumps or heeled boots. 

Other ideas on how to look taller for petite girls

Posture! As a petite woman myself, I know how frustrating it can be to have to talk to people who are above eye level. If you are humpbacked, even though your dress is the best beautiful one, which make it the worst. For this reason, keep your posture at all times. It shows confidence and control. There is a rule to carry yourself and feel confident with a well-fitting dress: Stand up straight, shoulders back, and head up. You will look chic all the time. 

Take up space. Stand with your feet at hip distance, not crossed underneath you. Taking up physical space, in moderation, commands presence.


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