45 Courthouse Wedding Dresses for Your Civil Ceremony

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You heard it here first: Micro-weddings, elopements, and courthouse weddings are here to stay for the foreseeable future. But a small or impromptu ceremony can be just as special as a grand wedding with hundreds of guests—and that includes finding the perfect courthouse wedding dress to complete your look for the big day. If you're getting married and wondering what to wear to a courthouse wedding, we've got you. Whether you're into the traditional white ball gown, a little white dress, or looking for something more unique and versatile for your nuptials, you can buy these civil wedding dresses and courthouse wedding outfits online right now.

What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding

What does a bride wear to a courthouse wedding?

Before we dive into the basics of what to wear to a courthouse wedding, the most important thing to know is that in the end, anything goes, because it's your wedding! But there are a few details that can be helpful to remember if you've decided to get married at city hall, your local county clerk's office, or a courthouse. Casual wedding dresses and shorter hemlines are popular for courthouse weddings, especially for couples who make a last-minute decision to get married—these types of dresses tend to be easier to find online or in stores at a moment's notice. Pantsuits and jumpsuits are two popular alternatives for city hall wedding dresses, and the separate pieces are easily re-wearable long after your wedding day. And while white is always appropriate for a courthouse wedding, feel free think outside the sartorial box by wearing a color other than white or ivory if they aren't quite your style.

Can you wear a wedding dress to city hall?

You can absolutely wear a traditional wedding dress to city hall. But depending on the exact location, you might be limited on space—for example, a very short or non-existent aisle, a small area to stand at the altar, etc.—so be mindful of that when shopping for your courthouse or city hall wedding gown. Styles with large amounts of fabric (for example, a tulle ball gown skirt) may not be as easy to maneuver in tight spaces. If you'll be getting ready alone, you may want to skip styles with intricate corsets or button-up backs that you can't easily do yourself.

Do you wear a veil to a courthouse wedding?

Remember what we said earlier? It's your wedding day, so if you want to wear a veil for your courthouse wedding, go for it! There are no rules when it comes to the type of veil you should or shouldn't wear for a courthouse ceremony, but longer wedding veil lengths may be more difficult to maneuver. We recommend short to medium-length veils, such as birdcage, blusher, and fingertip styles.

Courthouse Wedding Dresses

If you can't shop for a wedding dress in person or need to sort out your wedding attire stat, these ready-to-wear styles will make you feel amazing on your special day. Here are 45 courthouse wedding dresses we'd buy right now.


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